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Posted Oct 07 2008 6:13pm

I've been reading 'Fit From Within - 101 Simple Secrets to Change Your Body and Your Life - Starting Today and Lasting Forever'.

It is a lot to digest but there is a lot of good information that I would like to share with you. I'm going to go one by one. Some I will go into more detail, some are self explanatory.

The overall concept of the book is to make changes in your life that will stay with you for life. She stresses over and over that dieting makes you fat. No more dieting!

1. Accept Yourself Today - This is a great chapter. 'If you don't accept yourself, you won't live fully, and if you don't fully, you'll need to get full some other way'. That rings so true doesn't it?? She also says nothing that is in your life and causing you to eat should be in your life. It could be a relationship, a boss, an untreated illness, etc. 'Your behavior around food is a habit, weakness, sickness, raw deal. Whatever you call it, it's something in which you participate; it's not who you are.' So the bottom line of this chapter, don't use food to deal with problems.

2. Honor Who You Are - Eat things that honor you. Don't eat bad food that will make you feel bad about yourself. You can eat better and still be yourself. She has questions on page 5 of what to ask yourself so that you develop your own opinions about what eating healthy means.

I think of myself as a very healthy eater. I know there is room for improvement but compared to most people I would say I'm above average. I always feel bad about myself or guilty when I eat food that I know is not good for me. It is not honoring who I am or the healthy life style I have chosen.

3. Include A Spiritual Component - This is about giving up your problems to a higher power.

'Including a spiritual component is simply knowing when you're up against something that is too much for you and your best intentions to handle on your own. It's realizing where you're weak and depending on something strong, whether you think of it as God in heaven or a power that, although beyond your human ego, resides inside yourself.'

4. As a Rule Eat Three Meals A Day - Don't skip meals - don't eat more than three meals.

5. In the Beginning, Eat Out - 'Go to a restaurant, enjoy your meal, and get on with your life'. She is suggesting this if all you think about is food, every waking minute. I would say that's me. I am always thinking about my next meal or planning out my meals for tomorrow. That is what works for me. Eating out would probably not work for me.

6. Focus on Living a Quality Life - Don't diet! Focus on eating good foods that have nutritional value. Treat yourself better.
'If your life is boring or not fulfilling or unsuited to the person you are, it's no wonder you eat too much. Going on a diet is the most foolish move you can make if you're in this place of life deprivation......Instead make your life richer. Start with small things: a more attractive environment at home, at work, even in your car.'
I think this is the best one so far. In my life I look forward to my next meal. That is what keeps me going and I didn't realize that until I read this. I am taking steps in my life to change that (breaking up with my boyfriend, looking for a new job) but maybe something as simple as taking a bath every night would give me something else to look forward to and raise the quality of my life.

7. Give Up the Notion of Blowing It - If you are not on a diet, how can you blow it? This quote rings so true: 'The blowing it concept is a setup. It's a mind game overeaters play to give themselves permission to eat for a fix.' After most people blow it they just give up and then have to start all over again.

8. Slow Down and Sit Down - Start by slowing down your eating. Sit and actually enjoy your meal. Then slow down other aspects of your life and enjoy them in the same way.

9. Eat Like a Healthy Human Being - I want to be a healthy human being! In a nut shell she says to stop dieting. Dieting makes you fat! She even says to skip over dieting articles and books. Yikes! What would I read?!

I do agree with her to a point. And basically my philosophy right now is you need to look at how you would eat if you were maintaining and not trying to lose weight. Once you have that plan / number subtract some eaten calories and add in some burned calories (eat less, move more). Do that until you're where you want to be. There's no way I would get to the weight I want to be at if I didn't diet down to some degree. I don't think I'm depriving myself. I'm still eating a good amount and when I'm done I will still watch everything I put in my mouth. I will allow myself a bit more to eat while I'm maintaining. I might allow myself a couple more treats but basically I will be eating the same way I'm eating now, just a couple hundred calories more. Those will be glorious days!

10. If It Doesn't Look Good, Don't Eat It - I love this one. So simple, yet so forgotten. Think before you shovel something in your mouth. Why waste those precious calories on something you're not going to love?? She also talks about the cleaning your plate problem. Well it's a problem for me. I have to eat everything on my plate. It's a disease! I'm sure I would be much skinnier if I left some bites uneaten. I have no idea why I do this. I suppose because my mom always told me to clean my plate? I just don't buy that. It's something I definitely need to work on.

Alright, so those are the first 10. Only 91 to go! I'm going to remind myself of these this week and see if I can adopt any as habits. I will report back next Tuesday with the next 10.

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