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Fit Friday {Video}

Posted Jan 11 2013 9:46am

Planks on the hour throughout my Friday workday (join me on Twitter ) and below an overview of my workouts this week!



  • 60 15 lb. kettlebell squat swings, 60 pushups, 1:30 #plankaday


Get Moving HIIT {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

  • My favorite core workout from Happy Fit Mama: 15 minutes total
More for your core {}

  • 15 warrior I lunges each side, 15 warrior II lunges each wide, 40 sumo squats = 100 reps


  • 3.5 mile run, 38:30 (11:00 average), just 10 pushups, 2:00 front plank, 1:00 each side for #plankaday


  • We had my friend Casey’s awesome 3–year–old for a couple of hours after work, so I didn’t get to a full workout. 2:00 front plank & 1:00 each side for #plankaday


  • Again, no workout, but also no excuse. Just lazy. I got home about an hour before Jon and parked myself of the couch with a cozy blanket and Vampire Diaries. Then later I felt really tired. Like, unnecessarily tired like my body’s fighting off a cold or something. So I went to bed early without even a plank!


  • Planning to head out for a 3–4 mile run after work, provided it’s not raining then. If I can’t run, I’ll do something inside. Not another day off!

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