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Fish Oil, Cardio and Arm Develop...

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:33pm

Fish Oil, Cardio and Arm Development
Q: Everyone talks about fish oil and I've heard all the benefits but I hear different dosages, how much should I use?
A: I have to ask you a question. What's your goal? Body Composition? Pain Management? Pure health? It is all goal dependent, here's what I found to work best-
Body Composition: 9 grams per day, it will typically be 3 pills 3 times throughout the day.
Pain Management: It depends on the injury, I typically recommend 9 grams during the initial stage and lowering it to 6 as the injury heals.
Pure Health: I've found good success with just 3-5 grams per day.
Q:I hear that high intensity cardio is best but I feel burnt out. Do you have anything to motivate me?
A:If you are feeling burnt out, it should be a clue for you to stop. If you feel like you must do it then switch up your machine, any machine that makes you stand up is going to result in more calories being burned.
Q: It's going to get warm out soon, what can I do to build my arms up faster?
A: Here's my suggestions
Drop the reps and raise the weight
Training them more frequently while reducing the other work load that you do
Eat BIG on the day you train your arms
Focus on different grips
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