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First Powerlifting Meet Went Awesome!!

Posted Dec 16 2012 1:00pm

The meet was swimmingly.

Friday afternoon Emily and I drove up to Modesto for weigh ins and to get our equipment approved. Even competing in the raw division, they have to check your singlet, shoes, shirt, etc.

That done, we carb loaded on some hamburgers n chili cheese fries and I ate tons of swedish fish, rice krispie treats, and other unmentionables.

We met up with our trainer Dan, his fiancee, Mike (competing too), and his wife. Em and I snacked on more bread, calamarie, bread pudding, and ice cream.

In the morning, we ate oatmeal, fruit, eggs, sausage, and coffee.

Here is Dan, eating cereal in the morning.

Apparently, Dan is really famous and everyone knows him but he acts super humble, I didn’t even know he was a world record breaker until a few weeks ago when someone else told me lol.

Anyhoo, Em and I went to Modesto Power in our singlets and put on our game faces. I was kind of nervous and had had nightmares the night before :( But I had prepared as well as i could, and it was just time to bring it.

When I hit my first squat, it was so frikkin easy. Second squat, still flippin easy. Third squat was a personal best at 248 pounds and it was still ridiculously easy. But, it was my first lift and didn’t know how I was gonna do, so we gave conservative numbers.

So I wasn’t as nervous for the second lift. First bench was super easy and I smashed the state record on my first attempt. Second lift was also easy and third lift was my personal best at 214 pounds and it was still doable. So stoked to be the state record holder in my division!

Last was deadlift. First lift was pretty easy. Second lift was harder, with a personal best of 325 pounds. Third lift was overambitious at 350 pounds, and I couldn’t lift it.

Somehow, there was a conspiracy whereby Emily was not able to capture ANY of my personal best lifts. So, the vids are of either my first or second attempts.

I ended up getting 1st in my division and setting the new state record for bench press, so I would say it was a pretty successful first meet!

I do have to say, though, that I feel fat as fuck! The weightlifting belt cinched painfully around my gummi bear stomach, and I am ashamed to say that I got out of breath going up the hotel stairs. I feel that powerlifting comes quite naturally to me, but I prefer a more dynamic, unstructured workout. I think i will aim for the Feb 9th meet and break the squat and deadlift records, and then maybe I’ll “retire” and move into physique ;)

here is em in the back room for warm ups

here is me ;)




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