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First Person Friday: NOT a giveaway post (wink).

Posted Aug 28 2009 6:07pm


Last Friday’s First Person post was no different than any of my other weekday yammers: most of the good stuff was found in the commentversation.

I adore that, no matter the topic, my posts are typically launching pads for YOUR discussions & I learn far more from you than I imagine you do from me.

Im also honored when posts spark comments that day & continue to weigh on your mind after youve left the blog.

A few of you took the time to email & share your SUPERHERO moments from last weekend and I wanted to share some of the messages here.

I also wanted to link where you can get the shirts.  I didnt last week because selling wasnt what the post was about.

Here’s the link.  Because you asked .

An emailer who wished to remain anonymous wrote:

Miz, I wanted to let you know I channeled you and the Bumbling Band this morning as I did my first 5k. I walked almost all of it but I know that another time I would have walked OFF the course and quit. I am my own superhero. Thank you.


I got my blue belt at kickboxing yesterday without passing out… very proud of that one :) I’m my own superhero now!!

Fitarella? She sent a picture (look at HER being all on the tanktop bandwagon early! We love us some Fitarella ):


And FitHungryGurl Irene? She’s an early adoptor/huge supporter/fierce superhero as well.


Jana Eggers, CEO ofSpreadshirt the freakin COMPANY where I made the tee (!) wrote:

Your superhero story? I’ll be using that as inspiration, likely even tomorrow. I have a HalfIron triathlon and it will be nasty weather likely due to Hurricane Bill. I need to be my own superhero! Stories like that make me smile through the pain and fear.

Sarah wrote:

I did it Miz!!!! I joined a gym this weekend and I worked out there twice. While this may not be a big deal for some for me it was truly the equivalent of donning a cape and flying through the air.

FabFattieShannon wrote

Miz, I was MY OWN SUPERHERO this weekend by…Taking my 3 boys hiking for the 1st time in 15 years! Healthy lunch + good shoes + good company = SUPERHEROS!!!!

Heather discovered that LESS IS MORE! (**cue confetti**) & was also her own superhero:

Last year, I did the Incline Trail 3 times while we were in Colorado. I was running often, strength training, and working out hard 5 to 6 days a week. Had been for about 8 years. Since December I have done nothing but yoga, walking, & some hiking. My best time for the trail last year was around 55 minutes. I knew I would be nowhere near that time since I’d done no cardio in months, and I told myself I should be happy if I completed. However, in my heart, I was hoping for around 60 minutes. I finished in 51:04. Not quite sure how that happened…perhaps 8 months of rest has done this body some good! Crazy, huh? I know I’ll be sore tomorrow, but still smiling and my own SUPERHERO.

Dinneen wrote

MizFit, I was totally my own superhero this weekend by totally believing in myself. I was having a moment when I started to doubt myself and what I do. Then as life would have it, I received a message from someone whose life I recently touched. Brought me almost to tears, and was reminded of the often amazing & positive impact I have on people’s lives. I looked into the mirror and just smiled…and believed. Believed in me and the inner beauty I was given, flaws and all.

and the AMAZING HANLIE blogged all about it.

(**awkward segue & drum roll**)

And now the almostcape which was thisclose to a giveaway.

An item to which Im not sure Id have typically said yes to ( Im nothing if not honestblunt ) but since it rang kindasorta close to being a cape I immediately said HELL YEAH!

That and, should you reside anywhere else besides where I currently live, fall is practically upon us & who wouldnt have loved a snazzy new scarf accessory?

Or, should you be of the male-persuasion, who wouldnt have wanted the chance to gift-for-free a little somethin’somethin’ to a woman in his life?

And the proverbial icing on the Giveaway Which Almost Was? It was featured in the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Alas, it was not meant to be.

As they say: the PR G-ds giveth & the PR G-ds are compelled to taketh away at the semi-last minute which, for some reason, seriously cracked me the hell up.  Can they do that? I guess they can.

So there you go.

A glimpse into other people’s superhero’dom & nary a chance to win a lovely fancy scarf ( which you may or may not have chosen to tuck into the back of your shirt & used to fly around your domicile).

You may be entered to win absolutely nothing for the low, low price of a comment below.

On anything.

From the state of your SUPERHERO’NESSMENT to the state of your life in general.

Please to hit us all up in the comments.

NO winner will be announced Monday. USA & Scotland only.

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