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Find Out How You Can Find Relief From Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Posted Feb 21 2012 5:52am

A relatively new treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome, The Carpal Solution is a new wearable CTS treatment which can, according to its manufacturers, relieve the symptoms of CTS; the pain, numbness and tingling as well as the sleep difficulties caused by these symptoms in as little as a couple of days.

This product, though it is sold over the counter like other products of its type, is unique. It’s not the much more familiar night splint. It’s not a sweaty wrist brace, either. However, you do wear it while you sleep. This device stretches out and reshapes the tissues that surround the carpal tunnel, so that relief is given to the pressurized median nerve. It’s made of hypoallergenic materials and is perfectly “breathable”. It is a reusable product, as well; so if you do experience a cure, only to have symptoms flare up again in the future, all you do start wearing it during sleep again.

The Carpal Solution is lightweight and thin, and is easily stored. If you need to travel while you’re treating yourself, it’s very easy to transport, obviously. This product bills itself as the best carpal tunnel syndrome treatment for a number of reasons. One of its claims is that it is entirely safe, and yet highly effective. Even if you have advanced CTS, you should see remission of the worst symptoms within one to two weeks, and with continued use the syndrome should be cured entirely within six weeks. This means that you can wake up to greet the new day refreshed and invigorated, rather than gasping for energy as you walk around sleep-deprived because of the night’s discomforts.

The Carpal Solution is designed to be work while sleeping and only while sleeping; once you wake, you can remove it and go about your day without your CTS treatment causing you any sort of inconvenience. The product won’t interfere with work activities or even athletics!

This is a CTS treatment which makes cortisone injections and other pharmaceutical interventions unnecessary, not to mention surgical treatment. This represents an enormous savings of time and money, as well as the risk of complications from a surgical procedure. There is also no risk of muscle atrophy (something which has been a problem for many CTS sufferers with other treatments) when using the Carpal Solution treatment, since it doesn’t restrict movement like many other wearable CTS treatments which immobilization to reduce pressure on the median nerve.

With these benefits and seeming to have many advantages over other CTS treatments, it seems that many people would gladly choose The Carpal Solution over drugs, surgeries and other treatments. That is, they would if it works for them – it has to be said that The Carpal solution will not work for every CTS sufferer. Since it works on the same basic principle as night splints (which don’t work for everyone), then it stands to reason that for some, this product won’t offer the cure. However, there are exercises which you can perform which can cure your CTS. They’re safe, effective and free – and these exercises can offer anyone a permanent CTS cure.

Carpal tunnel syndrome treatments may be of different types, depending on the severity of it in the person who is afflicted with it. CTS can pass through different stages of severity, starting with finger numbness or tingling that can be “shaken out” and ending up as the inability to use the hand without pain. Discover carpal tunnel exercises that can help you recover from CTS.

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