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Fight Cancer with Chaga Mushroom and Other Herbs

Posted Jul 23 2012 5:54am

In Oncology, herbal treatment is employed generally as a help for hospital treatment as the patient is recovering from chemical treatment for cancer and while the treatment is ongoing. It helps buttress the therapeutic effect of the medicines applied to the patient. Across the planet chaga mushroom is one of the herbal remedies that are commonly used as a support supplement for treatments against cancer.

When used alone, is a powerful cure. Nevertheless its medicinal elements can be further enhanced by combining it with other herbs that are also famous for their anti-tumor part. These herbs include the Sweet flag, Plantain, St. John’s Wort and Calendula flowers.

The already mentioned herbs can be brewed and prepared as tea in equal proportion with water. Before drinking, 2 tbsp. Of chaga decoction can be added to the brewed herbs. Additionally, the following herbs are also known to be employed in the treatment of cancer, abdominal hole and stomach tract abnormalities. With chaga mushroom the following herb also helps ease chemotherapy and while patient is recovering, the Pine Buds, Yarrow Grass, the Licorice root, Rose Hips fruit and wormwood grass.

In the preparation, you want to soak the chaga mushroom in water for around an hour. The mixture should be one part herbs and 10 parts of water. Then bring it boil. After that, use the “water bath” technique by putting a concoction in a frying pan with the very hot water. Bring it to a low heat for approximately 2 hours. Next remove it from the heat then put aside for about 24 hours. The following day, strain the blend, and then you are able to add either apple vinegar or honey. Keep the mix in the chiller and take one teaspoon thirty minutes before every meal three times per day. A continuing use for a fortnight is recommended as an extra support while recovering from chemical treatment. For most impressive results, it is always advised to follow the mentioned dosages as well as the time instructions.

There are evidences that shows successful treatments utilizing the chaga mushroom mixed with guilder-rose red berries decoctions. This herbal tea blend is best for duodenum and stomach cancer.

There are two therapeutic methods to be observed when taking chaga mushroom as an additional supplement. The 1st technique is to take chaga mushroom steadily for a quarter with only short breaks, like a week. The second method needs continued use in short periods but needs to be taken continuously for a year. The 1st method of taking chaga mushroom provides immediate result while the second one is employed in consolidating the treatment results and in forestalling metastases.

Brandon Gilbert is an herbal expert, educator, and keen blogger who has dedicated his to constant learning and education. You can find out more about Chaga Mushroom checking out this document on how chaga mushroom benefits
the body in an abundance of ways.

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