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Feminine Fit Beginner Workout Plan

Posted Dec 16 2009 11:30am

I want to start working out, what should I do?!

Starting a workout plan can be a little intimidating and frustrating.  In my career as a personal trainer I’ve seen my share of women who struggle and give up because they don’t know the first place to start when it comes to working out.


This is one of the major reasons why I created the Feminine Fit Beginner Workout Plan.  It’s a simple 4 week plan that’s going to help tighten and tone your body as well as teach you about diffrerent aspects of working out. So you feel less confused and ore in control.

What’s the # 1 way to start seeing results?

If you want to get the best results while doing this 4 week begginers workout program you’ll want to focus on circuit training which combines cardio and weight training to transform your body in the fastest time possible.  You’ll also want to be consistent with the workouts ( I’m dead serious!  If your not consistent with these workouts you won’t get the results you’re after).

Who’s the workouts designed for?

  • If your new to the workout scene and don’t know where to start –  then this workout is for you.
  • If you were in shape a very very very very long time ago but fell off the wagon and want to get back in shape – then this workout is for you!
  • If you’re life is super busy and you don’t want to spend an hour and a half, or even 2 hours in the gym with little to no results – then this workout is for you!
  • If your current workout is not getting you the results you want – then this workout is for you.

What results can I expect to see from the workouts?

Because of the way the workouts are structured and because you’ll be doing them 3 times a week. You’re going to be able to see big changes with your figure, how your clothes fit, and having your body feel tighter and leaner without the bulk. In essence you’ll be “femininely fit!”.










After you’ve completed week 4 of the Feminine Fit Beginners Workout Plan you should really try to bump up the intensity of your workouts now. You can change up the times and reps of the exercises or use a more challenging weight for a few workouts. The point is that you now have the fundamentals down and you have a solid exercise foundation.

Now is the best time to keep going and watch your body transform, workout after workout. So after you complete week 4 and confident in your fitness level and conditioning, immediately get started on the Rebound Workout System – I guarantee you’ll see some amazing results!


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