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Female Leg Training, Stubborn Stomach Fat and Ankles

Posted Apr 30 2008 7:30pm
Female Leg Training,Stubborn Stomach Fat and Ankles

Q:I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand I want females to push themselves with adding resistance, however, I don't want to keep adding to a point where the legs actually grow in a way they don't want. Most of my female clients want the lean athletic look. I am toying with the concept of pushing them with heavier loads to a point, and then actually keeping volume quite low for maintenance, and shifting to more HIIT before and during summer.

It's a tough balance I think depending on the client. Some of my female clients legs are really looking good with heavier loads and some are solid, but big, and not "shaping" real well. I've heard their volume must be kept low but I am having a hard time knowing when to adjust their program.

Essentially - have you found that different volumes are better for different body types with the lower trunk?

A: Female leg training is a very interesting topic. Due to the shear amount of leg work that females do and the amount of cardio that they do, I've found more benefit with having them on a single leg. Now I won't take full credit for that as I heard Alwyn Cosgrove mention it in a interview. That's the first area that I would look since it gives them a more intense training sessions without adding heavy weight.

Generally I'd keep the volume low. Most women just hate how their legs get after weeks of squats. They want the benefits but hate if their jeans fit tighter around their legs.

Now you bring up not "shaping" well. This has more to due with hormonal patterns than training. If their quads aren't shaping well then I'd look into estrogen issues. Really get them taking more fish oil and eating more broccoli. Those are two areas that they need to start yesterday.

Q:What are your thoughts on stubborn belly fat, cortisol, and men? What have you found to be the most effective strategies to remove the fat when this is a stubborn area for a man?

A: Assuming that the individual in question has dieted down and is around 10% bodyfat then I'd suggest two methods.

-I'd mix high intensity and slow and steady cardio. I've been playing with 5 minute of intervals followed by 10 minutes of steady state work followed by another 10 minutes of a mix of intervals and steady state work. In this third phase you'd perform two intense intervals of 45 seconds sprinting and 15 seconds jogging followed by 2 minute of steady state work then repeat.

-We also need to reduce stress. I'd advise them to get to bed before 10:30 and not wake up before 6:00 am. Don't do any work the last hour before you go to dead. Add more fiber from veggies into the diet and make sure that they are using a blend of supplements that include r-ala, l-theanine,glycine, zinc, magnesium and some type of relaxing herbs like coryceps

Q: I have been trying to overcome an ankle limitation (maybe it's a foot thing?) in my right leg. I have been doing the dorsiflexion mobs at the wall, as well as plenty of single leg work. Recently I have had to cut back on single leg unsupported work due to some knee pain, that I feel is a result of the ankle mobility issue.
I am feeling something in my right ankle that I do not in the left. As I go into dorsiflexion in a closed chain scenario (ankle mob, SL squat, calf stretch, ect) I feel a kind of jamming on the medial/dorsal surface of my foot/ankle. It feels like something is getting in the way.

A: This is a unusual situation indeed. More than likely the talus is stuck which happens often in ankle mobility issues. Aside from what you are currently doing with the ankle mobility drills, tib anterior work and calf stretching there isn't much more you can do on your own. You can consult a chiropractor and he might be able to readjust your talus or even a specific kind of physical therapist that does joint mobilization. Other than that you have done everything you can so good job.
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