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February’s P90X2 Experiment [Barre Experiment Results Are In!]

Posted Feb 01 2012 11:09pm

One day into our P90X2 Experiment and I am unimpressed. The reason: I have the stomach flu* and therefore permission to watch as much crap television as I want without feeling (too) guilty and instead of getting cozy with Project Runway All-stars (How much does this show suck without Tim Gunn and Heidi?!) I’m sitting here listening to Tony Horton and taking notes like a school girl in detention. Albeit a really pale, shivery school girl with a fever. (Although I’m not as bad off as Gym Buddy Allison who puked so much last night she fainted and had to go to the ER. Bad week for Gym Buddies: we be dropping like flies.)

Anyhow, it’s making me a wee bit resentful. The reason? P90X2 doesn’t come with an instruction booklet like the first P90X did. For people who do the program at home with constant access to a DVD player it’s no big deal but for those of us who need to use a gym for the equipment and childcare then it’s, dare I say it, nearly a deal breaker. Because this means I have to watch all FOURTEEN videos and write down every move, a description of how to do it because he makes up some weirdly awesome stuff, sets, reps and rest periods. Instead of the super-helpful booklet (it also had a place to write down your weights so you could track your progress), now I have a 20-page glossy book that the Gym Buddies and I have dubbed “Tony Porn” because it’s just page after page of pictures of his admittedly very impressive physique sprinkled with a few words.

But, aside from the pencil purgatory I’m in at the moment, P90X2 looks pretty awesome. It’s definitely not a repeat of the first version and just judging on this, I think I’m going to like #2 better than the first. Which is saying a lot since I was a huge fangirl the first time around. This time Tony is focusing more on the newest fitness research and streamlining the workouts which is a huge plus since one of the biggest complaints against the first version was how time consuming it was. He is also making it simpler to follow the plan. The kickboxing is totally gone but there’s several new workout formats built around active rest and recovery, presumably to circumvent the injuries for which P90X is also famous for.

Anyhow, despite all my whining, the workouts look solid and I’m really excited to get started on this one. We all really enjoyed the challenge of P90X and it looks like this one will live up to that legacy. There are three phases, just like the original (hence the “90″) but this time he recommends spending 3-6 weeks in each phase plus one week of recovery in the middle. We’ll be doing each phase for three weeks unless we get into it and realize we need more time and then we’ll take it.

There is a nutrition guide that comes with it which is much more comprehensive than the old one and even allows for several different tracks based on your goals and different meal preferences within those tracks – like say you’re a vegetarian who wants to get ripped, Tony has a whole food plan customized just for you. Since I am no longer doing food Experiments however, I’ll just be doing the workouts.

Barre Experiment Results

Honestly this workout was just “meh” for me. It was a good burn – anyone who thinks ballerinas are wimps needs to try this immediately – but the workouts were incredibly long. If I’m going to spend that much time, I’d expect to see some kind of difference in my body from it but I didn’t. All measurements stayed exactly the same. So given that end, I’d rather lift heavy for 30 minutes and reap all the metabolic benefits of that rather than burn out 100 reps with 5-lb ‘bells for an hour and a half.

That said, my ennui could be attributed to the fact we only did the workouts with videos – hah, you should have seen us all crowded around Allison’s tiny 7″ portable DVD player in the middle of the stretching area! – and books. Given what I’ve heard from some of you, taking it in a Barre studio is a totally different and much more fun experience.

And now I think I need to hurl again. Gah. Please forgive my whininess – it’s been A Day. I feel asleep on the floor only to wake up to Jelly Bean screeching “Mommy PWETTY!!!” as she decorated me with my new lipstick. After she’d used up most of the tube on herself.

Any of you trying P90X2 yet?

*AGAIN. I KNOW. I never get sick and now stomach flu twice this season!

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