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Faux Caesar Salad

Posted Mar 09 2010 12:00am

I Love salad! I love naughty Caesar salad. Now typically this salad say in a cafe or restaurant has a truck load of calories some up to 800 to 1000 calories!!! That's equivalent to Two Cheeseburgers from McDonald's......arghhhh! So I tweaked it. Their is so much flavour in this dressing, I didn't believe it myself till I tasted my new and improved Chicken Caesar. That really is the key, keep flavour, lose fat and calories.

Here goes...Happy eating

Poached (till its cooked, nice white and no pink bits) or bake chicken (about 40mins) with a little drizzle of oil. Slice it up whichever way takes your fancy. If you cut it with the grain of the meat its easy but do what you like

Now dressing. In a small bowl - I love those silver bowls- Few Tablespoons of natural yoghurt fat free, couple of tablespoons of dijon mustard (i love the stuff, you can add less if its not your cup of tea or try a different mustard) drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive oil (evoo) Mix together till nice and smooth then dress some mixed leaves (whatever you have- cos, baby spinach, rocket, the greener the better) chuck in the chicken another toss, season and then that's it

You can add an egg (80cals) and some pan fried slice of prosciutto or pancetta (approx 50 cals). I love it basic- chicken and salad leaves. Just remember the more you add, the more calories. The big difference with this recipe is the dressing though. It's so low in calories you can afford to add the egg and/or pancetta.

Eating healthy is about not sacrificing flavour for calories. There are so many flavour enhances -herbs, mustard, spices- that are no-fat or very low-fat. Get out there, experiment and you really will be surprised how great things can taste.
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