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Fat Loss Workouts for women and men with Russian Kettlebells

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:09pm
When most women see a kettlebell they are often intimidated by it. They believe it is too heavy, and is a "manly" exercise tool. Well, I am a man and I love kettlebells, but women should learn to love them too because they can do great things to a female's physique. First off, make sure you find a kettlebell that is the right weight for you. Most women should start with approximately a 20 lbs bell and work up from there. I use two 53 lbs bells myself and it is quite difficult to do circuits with that. I guarantee you that hard, intelligent work with a kettlebell bell will burn body fat, tighten your butt, firm up all your muscles, and tone your stomach. And all this can be acheived in the privacy of your own home!
The key for results when training with a kettlebell is to always remember that the primary purpose it to elevate the metabolism. A fast metabolism means you are burning a lot of calories and this is mandatory if you want to be lean and look great! Your metabolism will be raised dramatically if you get as much work done in as little time as possible and constantly strive to increase your work capacity. As you can complete more reps of more exercises your fitness will improve along with your body fat percentage. Basically, try to work so hard that a one hour session is impossible. Give yourself only have an hour, and try to completely wipe yourself out in that period of time. The results you will get from short, snappy workouts will amaze you, and guess what? No more 1-2 hour gym sessions! Sounds like a good deal to me.
Start out slow with kettlebell swings and lunges and such, then progressively move to harder exercises and circuits of exercises without rest. By the end of your workout you should be lying on the ground trying to catch your breath, completely exhausted.
For ideas on what exercises to use and in what order, simply read the check out my previous posts, there is a ton of information there. Also, check out this video below to see just how nicely women can benefit from training with Russian Kettlebells to improve their fitness.

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