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Fat Loss Tips from Craig Ballantyne

Posted Oct 21 2009 10:00pm

July2009Reconstruction If you don’t know it by now, I am a huge fan of Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training Program. It was one of the first online workout programs I purchases and have made many different changes to my body using his programs. If you want to see all the different programs that he has to offer, you can visit this link and check out all his different workout programs! I have done the majority of them from the Body Weight Workouts  to my latest workout of his, the Reconstruction Workout (which I have to say kicked my butt! All good stuff!

So here it is..the latest and greatest fat loss tips from Craig Ballantyne! Hope you enjoy!

ANGIE: When putting together a total body workout, how do you decide
which exercises are most important in ensuring that someone is
getting the best benefit from the workout?

CRAIG: Great question.

I break total body workouts down into 5 movements – the big 5 I call them.
First is a squat movement, second is a push, third is a pull, fourth is a
single-leg exercise, and finally, a total body ab exercise. That is also the
order in which the exercises are generally performed.

ANGIE: I love your most recent videos about how you cannot out train bad
nutrition. This is something I stress to all my clients all the
time. If you were to give just some simple tips for people to start
off to help jumpstart their nutrition, what would they be?

CRAIG: First, start by eliminating adding sugar and trans fats, essentially cutting
back on all foods from a bag or a box.

Second, eat more fruits and vegetables.

Third, snack on raw nuts (almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts) between meals.
Research shows that you don’t gain weight if you eat nuts (probably because
they fill you up and you eat less at meals).

Fourth, plan, shop, and prepare on weekends so that you have the right foods
at the right times.

And finally, record what you eat for 7 days. This will help you identify
problem spots.

ANGIE: I am always pushing my female clients with heavier weights time
and time again and I always get the “but I don’t want to get bulky”.
Can you explain why this could not and would not happen to these
women and why using heavier weights is important to fat burning?

CRAIG: This won’t happen for two reason. First, women do not have the same amount
of muscle building hormones as men. That is why they are smaller.

Second, you can’t get big unless you are overeating. So the politically
incorrect truth is this: If you are getting bulky “from” resistance
training, then it is because you are overeating.

ANGIE: As we get older, our metabolism starts to slow down, this is just
a given. What things would you suggest we do to keep this from
affecting our current fitness achievements and to keep us moving
forward with our goals.

Three things:

1) Stay active.
2) Eat according to those five rules I posted below.
3) Get as strong as you possibly can. Not only will maintaining your
sculpted muscle help you burn more calories, but it will also allow you to
stay active into your 80’s.

ANGIE: Women’s most complaint is their belly fat and crunches are just
NOT going to help do anything for belly fat. What do you suggest to
help them burn off their belly fat and achieve those sexy abs?

CRAIG: Interval training is the exercise answer to losing belly fat, but more
importantly, the dietary answer is to eliminate sugar and mindless eating.
If you can work hard and plan ahead so you avoid 4pm cookies, you’ll lose
belly fat AND thigh fat.

ANGIE: If you had only 10-15 minutes to get in a workout, what would you

CRAIG: A leg exercise paired with a pulling exercise. For advanced women, squats or
Bulgarian split squats paired with pullups or chinups. For intermediate
women, split squats paired with bodyweight rows or dumbbell rows. For
beginners, lying 1-leg hip extensions paired with dumbbell rows or seated

ANGIE: Thanks so much for all this great stuff Craig! Is there anything
else you would like to add?

CRAIG: Yes, I hope every woman reading this interview realizes that there is a
workout style and diet style that suits their personality and will give them
results. I truly believe a lot of fitness programs AND different diets work.
Don’t believe the politically folks who say diets don’t work, because they
DO! The key is getting the right diet for you so that you will work too!

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