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Fat Loss Q & A Q: When you train...

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:33pm

Fat Loss Q & A

Q: When you train someone for fat loss do you use more high reps or low reps. I know the recent trend has been to do high reps, what's your thought?

A: Fat loss training is pretty simple in reality, we just over complicate it. Yes high reps will create more metabolic disturbance but what is the most metabolically challenging thing we have? Our muscle mass and muscle reps to the intentiy placed upon it. So if we keep giving it less intensity since we are dieting and can't use heavy weights we're going to ultimately lose muscle which is going to stop our progress. I typically use both high rep-low set, high rep-high set, low rep-high set and low set-low rep training in fat loss sessions. I pick two of them and use it, it is that simple

Q: What do you find is the best way to manipulate a session to cause more fat loss?

A: I've actually found a few "best" ways, I guess nothing is the best then right? I'd advocate you either alternate the tempos, meaning one workout use longer eccentrics with heavier weight and the next use a timed methoed called Tabatas. named after a researcher who found that using a 2:1 work-rest ratio produced the greater amount of fat loss in subject. You can use various times like 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off or 30 seconds on and 15 second off. Just make sure you alternate that time as well.
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