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Fat Burning Workout of the Day, stair climbing and sprints

Posted Mar 15 2010 12:00am
Pretty simple stuff here today folks, no real sets and reps to worry about. Here is what I did to burn some fat AM
  • Stair Climbing (like actual stairs not a machine)
    • 7.5 stories x 8 times all the way up in about 20 minutes, walking the whole time
  • Sprints
    • I hit the track and did my first sprint workout of the season (I live in Calgary and sprinting is VERY dangers half the year)
    • 400m track x 10 laps, sprinting the first 150m or so of each lap
    • If you haven't run sprints before or at least not since the summer, take it easy and break your body in, I didn't go all out on these because I just didn't feel "right"
    • listen to your body, trust me, it is better than a torn quadriceps, I know!
That is it. Pretty simple eh? The idea here was to get my lower intensity/boring work done in the morning before I had a chance to talk myself out of it. The stairs also rev up my metabolism for the day.

The sprints I do later when my body and the air is warmer so I have less chance of injuring myself.

Here is a great video to introduce you to the benefits of sprints
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