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Fat Burning Fit Chick Challenge

Posted Jun 22 2009 10:59am

FC_Challenge If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I have been on a couple trips in less than a month. While it’s been great and so worth it, I have kind of let my nutrition slip a bit. Not bad, but enough so that I just don’t feel so hot about my body image right now.

This seems to a problem that a lot of people go through. They reach their goals through a challenge or just on their own and then they feel like they can just have a little of this and little of that and it won’t hurt. But eventually it adds up.

So this is why I decided to do a 30 day challenge. Heck anyone can do anything for 30 days, right? And, if you are in this same slump, feel free to join me! You can comment below what your plan will be, leave a link to your blog if you plan to blog about it or join me at Fit Chick Challenge and do your blogging there. I will also be adding some workouts there from our Fit Chick Express classes at least 2x a week that you can do at home if you are unsure about what to do for workouts and doing my blogging there as well. I suggest you Join Fit Chick Express Forums and sign up for updates to get your FREE 12 Days of Meal Plans to follow or try out the Elimination Diet, which you can pick up a FREE copy on the home page of Fit Chick Express Forums, or even make up your own nutrition challenge goals.

So here is my plan:

Training Goals:

4 strength training workouts per week (1 Fit Chick Express workout included)
3 interval/body weight workouts per week
**Keep in mind, none of my workouts will last longer than 30 minutes and the cardio will most likely be less than 15 minutes.

Nutrition Goals:

I plan to stay away from:
Added sugars
Starchy Carbs- Limited to 1-2 servings per week
Limit my fruit intake to one serving per day

I plan to add more of:

Green Tea (decaf)
More fats ( tend to need more fats when I limit my carb intake)

Here are my measurements as of June 21, 2009

Weight: 131.8

BF: 23.1%

Waist: 26

BB: 28

Hips: 37

Thigh: 23

Bicep: 11

I will also be posting my before pictures on the Fit Chick Challenge Site.

My goals for this is to drop my body fat percentage to at least between 18-19%, but this will not be my only goal. I have some pants and shorts that I would like to fit better, as in a bit more loose. That also be a goal, is to fit into them more comfortably.

How about this for some incentive for YOU to join me in this challenge? Whomever sets their goals and reaches those goals in 30 days will receive a FREE Fit Chick Express Workout, that will only be available to challengers! Now are you ready to join me? Then let’s get started! Remember, you can join me HERE or blog about your challenge on your own blog.Your 30 days will start the day you join or comment below!

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