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Fat Burning Challenge

Posted Nov 05 2008 9:14am

Who’s up for a challenge? I have been using Tabatas in both my boot camp classes and with my personal training clients and boy are they tough! What a fat burner!

You might be asking “Tabatas? What are those? ” Tabatas are 20 seconds of high intensity followed by a 10 second active rest period and repeated for 2-4 minutes.

An example:

Burpees for 20 seconds, followed by marching in place for 10 seconds, and repeat up to 2-4 minutes. More intense than intervals, but some kick butt fat burning taking place!

If you are unsure what burpees are, watch the video below. My clients like to call them the “throw ups”! LOL! It is the exercise you “love to hate!”. Best of luck to you!!




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