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Fat Burning Boot Camp!

Posted Sep 27 2008 8:00am

Today was the last saturday class of boot camp for this session. This is an old picture of boot camp, obviously, it was 42 degrees out this morning at 7am and we were all dressed a bit warmer. But we did do the bicycle crunches that they are doing in the photo.

There were 5 people at boot camp this morning, including me. We had our first male boot camper come and give us a try. Thanks for joining us Mike! He said his legs were killing him in the end (which they were for all of us!) I even had one member ask where the “puke place” was. LOL!

The boot campers that were there this morning, were members that have been with me since I started the boot camp classes back in May, so I know that I can push them harder than if there were more newcomers. I also join them, because I know they all have the correct form and know how to perform the exercises correctly. I do think it makes them feel better when they even see that the workouts are difficult for me!

Just to give you a full rundown of what our boot camp process is, here are the exercises we did this morning:

Warm Up

12 Prisoner Squats

12 Push Ups

Repeat 2x

Run laps 2x

Start => Focus on strength training

Plie Squat with medicine ball press x 12

Plank hand over push up x 12 (this is doing plank on hands, cross hand over to other hand back to middle, do push up, then back to other hand and repeat-TOUGH)

Forward Lunge with medicine ball toe touch x 12

Spiderman Climb x 12

Triceps Overhead with either medicine ball or bands x 12

Repeat this 3x - Rest 1 minute

Focus on Cardio

Medicine Ball swing x 10

Burpees or squat jumps x 10

Jump Lunge x 10

Repeat 4x - Rest 1 minute

Focus on Abs

Bicycle Crunch x 24

Knee outs x 24 (Leaning back on hands, push your feet out and bring back in towards chest w/out touching ground)

Plank hold for 45 seconds

Repeat 3x


This was all done in 35 minutes. It was tough, intense and a full body workout with cardio..what else could you ask for on a beautiful Saturday morning! :)

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