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Fastest Way To Lose Weight – Time Tested Weight Loss Methods

Posted Dec 26 2010 2:41am

For anyone on a quest to shed unwanted pounds they should know that the fastest way to lose weight is combining exercise with a sensible diet. The first step in the process should be for the individual to honestly examine their eating habits. Without doing this the quest for losing weight pretty much becomes a lost cause.

Once we recognize a change our eating habits is necessary, it is helpful to think about our reasons for wanting to lose weight. Do we have health issues that we know would benefit from losing excess weight? Or, do we have a wedding or future event that has kicked our motivation into overdrive?

It doesn’t matter what your motivation for losing weight is, use it to your advantage. It can help you keep at it to reach your goal. If you are feeling the effects of age and a slower metabolism you may be seeing the pounds add up even though you’ve made very little change in your calorie intake. This can be extremely frustrating.

Yes, weight loss can be achieved through exercise alone but with limitations. Let’s face it, many of us don’t have the requisite discipline to get into the health club, or do our home exercise on a regular basis. It may go well at the outset, but soon it becomes tedious and boring and all of a sudden we stop altogether.

Dieting alone also has its obstacles. It’s very common to have something suddenly trigger our motivation to diet. Then we look for the latest diet. We are enthusiastic for a few weeks, following the new program to the letter. We may even see results. But it doesn’t take long for motivation to fall off and for a fad diet to become boring and tedious. And we give up.

Each of the many fad diets on the market lead us to believe that they are the fastest way to lose weight. No doubt you have heard of the Atkins Diet which has its followers cutting their carbohydrate intake almost to zero. The South Beach Diet is another one making millions. You see the weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and there’s always someone waiting in line to cash in on the profits.

The bottom line is, there is no quick fix or easy answer when it comes to weight loss. The fastest way to lose weight is consistency. Recognize that it does take time, persistence, commitment combined with exercise and a healthy diet. You must make the process enjoyable. Include variety both in what you eat and what you choose to do for exercise. This will keep you from getting bored and with patience you will lose those extra pounds.

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