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fast fat loss Fast fat loss is a...

Posted Aug 24 2008 7:29pm 1 Comment

fast fat loss

Fast fat loss is an interesting topic and one that I get asked a lot about. Now when I say fast fat loss I'm talking about fat loss that is needed in a few days for a special event. Realize that to be at this point you have to have already had a good clean diet for awhile and have visible ab definition. This won't work any better than following a regular healthy diet for many people. Something like a fast fat loss program is only a quick fix and not a long term way to diet.

How to lose fat fast

So here it is. When we are at the point where we need to lose weight we should already be in the midst of a caloric restricted diet and should be performing both intervals and steady state cardio . That being said, where do we go from here? Do we just drop calories further? Do we do more cardio ?

I really think adding more cardio is a lesson in futility. Dieting is where you need to make the change. You can only do so much with training and assuming that you have proper amounts of cardio in your program and you are training with full body movements and causing a caloric decrease then you're all set and your body should be using close to all of your stored fat for energy.

Protein Sparing Modified Fast

Now this has nothing to do with the type of fasting diets that are making their rounds on the internet . A protein sparing modified fast is just what it sounds like. A fasting diet that spares protein thus trying to save as much muscle as possible. The thought behind this diet is that by taking in protein your liver has to use dietary protein to make glucose and you won't pull from your muscles.

There are certain rules however. You must have your protein set up depending on your activity level. I'm not one for complex charts so go with 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight . You can have unlimited quantities of vegetables since they will provide enough fiber to fill you up. You must take in a multivitamin and other vitamins to reduce stress like vitamins B,C and E. The only fat source that you'll get is from fish oil and other essential fatty acids and you must have planned diet breaks.

A PSMF works well but you can not stay on it too long. I only use and suggest this method with bodybuilders and people who have to make weight or get ready for a photo shoot. Plan time off of this diet and only use it when you need to call in the big guns.

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