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Factors to Consider When Deciding on a Compact Treadmill

Posted Oct 01 2009 10:57am

Do you enjoy running, but live in a wet weather area? Do you wish to get into shape over the cold months so you can be confident wearing your swim suit come summer? Whatever your after a compact treadmill is a really good way to stay in shape, without taking up all your storage space.

Now what are some of the things to look for when searching for that new exercise machine? This piece will look at some of the simple things you need to know that the salesman may not consider. If you are vastly overweight, you really should ensure that the frame of the compact treadmill is suitable for your weight range. Compact treadmill’s are made to be easily stored and lightweight, and therefore cannot handle the pressure that certain weights will apply to them. So it is important that you check the weight rating prior to buying as misuse will mean you could find it difficult to get your money back.

Next you will have to  measure the area you plan on storing the machine. If you need to keep the folded treadmill beneath a bed, make sure you measure the height between your bed frame and the floor. Or if keeping the treadmill in a cupboard ensure you take measurements of how deep the space actually is. Imagine investing in a unit, hauling it into your vehicle, and setting it up just to find out it will not fit in any of your storage areas.

Lastly, in the day of online shopping, shop around, as the first store you see may not have the best deal on the piece of equipment you are thinking about buying. A great way to compare prices is to visit the stores you are deciding between online, and take a glance at the prices they offer. You may also compare the specs of the different compact treadmills in your price range and determine which deal provides you with things that you need to have and which you do not really need.

You should be extra concerned with how well the treadmill absorbs shock rather than whether it is MP3 compatible. Nearly all machines are equipped with cooling fans, timers, various workout programmes and heart monitors, but there are some that do not have all that. If you discover machines that are similar in price be certain to check for these small extras and decide which machine gives you the best value.

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