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Exercises In Front Of The TV

Posted Jun 24 2009 10:44pm

It's Wednesday night, you better not be glued in front of the boob tube watching 'So You Think You Can Dance?'.

Okay, so you are.

Now that I caught you, put down the remote and push your coffee table out of the way because it's time to for some LANCE!

Exercises In Front Of The T.V. #2
Single Legged Bridge (Hold)

The single legged bridge (hold) is a progression to the  2 legged floor bridge. This exercise challenges your core stability as you hold your body up on one leg. Your glutes, lower back, and deep abdominals all have to work together to keep you in this tough exercise position. The goal is to keep your glutes and deep abdominal muscles engaged the entire time that you are off the ground...those are also the muscles I want you to feel. 

This is a great exercise for runners, toning the glutes, preparing for a leg workout and/or protecting the lower back and knee from injury. 

The Setup and Execution

  • Lie on your back with your LEFT leg straight and RIGHT leg bent 
  • Your RIGHT foot should be flat on the floor with the RIGHT heel directly below the knee
  • Before you raise your body up, draw your belly button down towards your spine 
  • While holding your belly in, push through your RIGHT heel to lift your hips off the floor
  • Keep your thighs parallel when you reach the top of the movement
  • Both your RIGHT foot and knee should be pointing forward while you continue pushing through the heel 
  • Check to see if your hip bones level, if not square them towards the ceiling
  • Hold and repeat on the other leg


Short term - Hold the single leg bridge at the top for 10 to 15 seconds at a time. Alternate legs during an entire commercial break.

Long term - Be able to hold this bridge for 30 to 60 seconds at a time.

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