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Exercise Your Brain With Brain Age!

Posted Feb 11 2008 3:37pm

With all the exercise that I do, I even started doing brain exercises. Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but it’s actually pretty good for you. If you have a Nintendo DS Lite, you probably have heard of the game Brain Age. Brain Age is a video game that focuses on “exercising the brain” with different puzzles, that ranges from math, word type testing and sudoku. These puzzles are meant to keep certain parts of the brain active.

What’s fun about it is that you can play certain games that determine your “brain age” which is interesting to see how you progress as you play often. Brain Age was so popular they came with Brain Age 2 which is in my opinion a lot more fun than the first one. In Brain Age 2, there are training exercises like, playing the piano and following notes, a game of rock paper scissors and sign finder which makes you determine what sign is used in an equation.

While it is important to be active, exercising your brain with puzzles also helps with your memory too, which definitely helps a forgetful person like me. :)

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