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Exercise to get Fit and Healthy and Stay that Way – Two Simple Strategies

Posted Sep 30 2011 3:00am

Please enjoy this guest post by fellow colleague Tanya Stroh

Exercise to get Fit and Healthy and Stay that Way – Two Simple Strategies The older we get the more important exercise becomes. By making a few small changes and incorporating two simple strategies it is easy to get fit and healthy and stay that way!  In fact studies are showing that baby boomers and seniors tend to see results quicker than anyone else when beginning a fitness exercise program.

To begin with start by adding strength training just a couple of times every week to your fitness routine.  Forget the ‘no pain, no gain’ it is simply not true, you can achieve terrific results from an easy full body exercise routine that does not leave you in pain the next day. In a short time frame you will be amazed at how good you feel! Strength training does so much; it improves your balance and coordination, strengthens your muscles and bones, and it even helps you sleep better.

Secondly cardiovascular exercise is equally as important. It improves the function of your heart and lungs while increasing your overall stamina, endurance and energy. By cardio exercise I don’t just mean hopping on the treadmill or elliptical machine at the gym. It comes down to the fact that the more you move the better you will feel! Every thing you do, yard work, gardening, house work all burn calories and can be included in your cardio exercise. It is easy to get started with cardio exercises; it can be as simple as just taking a walk each morning.

When it comes to fitness and exercise the more you know the better the results. First always check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program. Begin every exercise session with an easy warm up with activities such as walking or easy jogging for at least 8 to 10 minutes. The reasons are easy to understand, you slowly increase your heart rate, warm up your muscles and get the blood flowing to prepare you body for more strenuous exercise. Finally, end each workout with an easy cool down and stretch routine. Remember diet and exercise go hand in hand. Always keep your potions in check even though you are exercising.

When exercising to get healthy and stay healthy, not matter what your age, follow these exercise specifics and you’ll see results in not time!

  • • Strength Training Exercising — 1 to 2 full body workouts per week (non consecutive days) with moderate weight and intensity
  • Cardiovascular Activities — 5  to 6 days per week

It is truly the little things that add up to achieving your fitness success. Start slowly, using the above strategies and let each of your successes build on the next.

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Tanya Stroh Training Solutions

About Tanya

Tanya Stroh Tanya Stroh, B.S., NSCA, ACE

Tanya is the founder and creator of Tanya Stroh Training Solutions, an on-line, fitness and personal training website, featuring uniquely, individualized workouts and the proprietary software technology, TS Trax. Tanya’s philosophy has always been that exercise along with a healthy diet & lifestyle produce the best results. Tanya’s clients, ranging in age from 12 to over 70 years old, have successfully improved and achieved their health and fitness goals because of her highly individualized approach to fitness. And now with Tanya Stroh Training Solutions so can YOU!

Tanya has dual national certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and the American Council on Exercise (ACE). She also holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Education/Physical Education from West Chester University.

As a contributing writer, Tanya is the fitness expert for the “Chester County Women’s Journal” and has provided fitness articles to Lance Armstrong’s She is a regularly featured fitness guest on the radio show “Mission Nutrition” which airs live and on-line. With her passion for fitness, Tanya has also spoken at numerous charity events including; cruiser weight boxer champion, Steve Cunningham’s Kids Camp.

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