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Exercise Tips - Keeping it up

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Find a buddy. Find a workout partner. It's much harder to miss a workout when someone's there waiting for you.
Increase intensity. Relieve boredome by adding more high intensity intervals in a shorter workout
Mix it up. Switch from free weights to cable machines - or vice versa!
Morning workouts. Start your day with a workout. That way, nothing can come up during the day to keep you from your exercise routine.
On the calendar. Put yoru workouts on your calendar as you would any other important appointment. Don't miss it.
Rotate your workout. Try a routine that includes all the different machines available
Take a class. A fitness class can give you new ideas, and break up your routine. You might discover you like it
Try something new. If you are bored at the gym, try a  machine you have not used before
Use an exercise video. Exercising at home to a fitness or workout video gives you a new routine
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