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Exercise The Brain

Posted May 28 2009 12:17am
Have you ever taken a chance to look around at the people that exercise in your gym? Sure every gym plays better to certain demographics, but I have noticed that most gyms have pretty similar members across the country. Most gym goers are typically happy people and it seems that at least one of the members is one of the most successful people in town. A good amount of them seem to be outgoing and a good gym has a nice social atmosphere going on. I bet you’ll be hard pressed to find another place with more happy and successful people the the gym. This is likely because besides the obvious physical benefits from exercise, there are infinite mental benefits.

An article published by Arizona State Universities Daniel M. Saunders states that "We now have evidence to support the claim that exercise is related to positive mental health as indicated by relief in symptoms of depression and anxiety.". Sure exercise may get you in the best physical condition of your life, but more importantly, it may get you in the best mental condition.


Studies have shown that consistent exercise can drastically reduce anxiety. After a few weeks of exercise, test subjects have shown a decrease in mental anxiety. Best results were discovered with aerobic exercise and in those that had a low level of fitness to begin.


Along with anxiety, depression was found to decrease with a few weeks of regular exercise. The studies show that people who exercise hard, several times a week see the best benefits. No wonder the guy who you see in the gym all the time, seems to be the happiest.


One of the four main variables that I have been speaking about this week is rest and recovery. Sleep is likely the most important part of the rest/recovery variable. EEG results have shown that people who exercise consistently get more sleep and actually much better sleep. The test showed that subjects were getting more restful sleep and transitioned through all stages of sleep better then those who didn't exercise.

Part of getting your mind right for exercise is realizing all the benefits that you will be getting from it. If you are feeling depressed or that you have had trouble sleeping lately, now may be the perfect time fore exercise.
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