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Exercise, strong & support defined (Tornado video post).

Posted Aug 13 2010 1:00am

Last week MrsFatass & I announced our plan to interview the little people around us & see what they had to say.

More precisely how they would define for us (the royal us as my girl definitely grasped her video was going up on MizFit) the words exercise, strong & support.

Without further adult yammerings I give you the Tornado.

Defining the word exercise:

Defining the word strong:

Defining the word support:

At first viewing my thought was good lord I could eat that child’s face off I frickin love her so much uh what?! what on earth can I learn from those clips?

And then I watched the videos again (& again & again).

I learned one can not accurately explain the concept of exercise without launching a series of bodybuilding poses.

I learned she inexplicably relates the word strong with showering & getting clean (?).

(I longed to clarify that while I appears she’s picking her nose on camera she is not. It’s a scratch )

I learned that she thinks of her dad immediately upon hearing the word strong (love).

I learned she still remembered the sign for help & could come up with people outside our tripod family-unit to whom she’d look for support.

I learned although Id not *said* much of the information she parroted back on camera the fact I practice what I (long to but do not) preach means it’s s-l-o-w-l-y sinking in anyway.

I learned it can be really really challenging to get a 4 year old to STOP moving & stay in frame–but when you do the results if not life!altering! were, to this mama, #comedygold.

So that’s me.

  • Violating the primary rule of healthy living blogging: making it all about the child (I kid–but we all know more truth is said in jest).
  • And mad with curiosity with regards to whether any of you joined the Mrs. & me in our harebrained, child-filled scheme.

Please to hit us all up in the comments and, should you have jumped into the fray, feel free to link your post!

(Meh, feel free to link away in general. Share your post du jour & tell us why we should read.  Let’s git our linking on…)

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