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Exercise Schedule

Posted by Alexander Z.

Is it good, when starting an exercise program, to workout one day and rest the next?
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It depends on what program you are doing. If you are doing something like Power 90 for example, then you will get the best results if you follow the program schedule. The program has rest days that you should take on those specific days. Unless, of course, you are injured or feeling extra fatigued. You should always listen to your body first, but if your body is doing okay, then try to follow the program the way it is laid out. Are you following a specific workout program or doing a program of your own? If you are doing something on your own, then I would suggest working out for three days, then taking one day of rest. You will probably get better results doing this rather than taking off every other day.

I'm doing what's fun to me to get exercise--basketball and/or frisbee.

I started with a goal of 30 mins a day/5 days a week (only 'cause that was the last general-type schedule I'd come across.

I like your idea of 3 on/1 off !

I've just been through eleven months of grueling and mega-crappy drug treatments for Hepatitis C...

Today was my first day on the court and I could only do 15 mins. plus I pivoted to get a rebound and fell, hard and I didn't make a single basket. Nerves and muscles need retraining!

Of course. It is best to start slowly and stick with the program then to jump in head first only to suffer from overtraining later. Exercising every other day is a great start, but make sure you increase the intensity and levels of your workout so that you see changes and improvements otherwise you'll get bored after a while.

Some start with 3 days a week then increase to 4 days (2 on/1 off), depending on what you do you may exercise 6 days a week doing something different every other day.

Also with weight training it is important to remember to give your muscles the opportunity to recover with a 24-36 hour recovery period between muscle groups.

Keep up the good work and congrats on starting something that will last a lifetime.

Thanks for your reply!

Now I have 3 educated opinions on a good schedule.

Think I'll try 3 on/1 off but keep the time short for a short while...

I just finished 11 months of medical drug treatments and my muscles are weak (lost mass?) and nervous system a bit freaked out.

Hey Alexander. Variety, Variety, Variety. Thats the main thing I will tell you. So yes one day on and one day off is a good way to start an exercise program and will help you recover before each workout, but after about 2 weeks it will be key to change that up. I would suggest after 2 weeks of that to start working out 2 days on 1 day off for 2 weeks, then start working out 4 days straight and taking 2 days off. and continue to change it up every 2 to 4 weeks. Also since you just finished 11 months of medical drug treatments im sure that your body is hurting internally. I would suggest going on a cleansing diet for about a week to clean out your body of any toxins. Remember that nutrition accounts for about 80% of the way your body will look. So a good nutrition plan is vital in achieving any of your fitness goals.

Jared Bradshaw



I think you tied it all together for me!!

Nutrition: for a month now I've been ingesting a nutrient-dense whole-food supplement and just a week ago I started drinking a pure protein supplement...

No problem Alexander! thats good that you switched to a pure protein supplement. which one are you taking now? also remember real food is always better then meal replacements.

Of course you're right, Jared.

Thing is if I spent my small amount of money on organic, whole foods, I really couldn't afford it right now--doin' the best I can...

What product? Check it out:

Iv actually never seen that supplement before, but it looks good. yes ofcourse organic is the best and so is whole foods, but you are right, it is so expensive. I spend more money on food each month then anything else haha

I'm not really making a health claim for Uri products but when I compare what I felt like a month ago when I stopped the "abusive" medical drugs and how I feell now, I have to pause and suspect that good, solid nutrition is something our bodies love...


It can take six months to get over the Hep C treatments--I may be able to pull it off in two....

Good question Alexander. I would say you can exercise every day to get in the routine (it takes 21 days straight to build or break a habit) of exercise. That being said, the intensity should be very light at first. Think walking, stretching, light dumbell work, simple bodyweight movements. Don't do the same activity every day though or you will probably get super sore and quit.

Basically you want to exercise the body daily but not burn it out. A good rule of thumb is to train as often as possible while staying as fresh as possible.

"...train as often as possible while staying as fresh as possible."

Awesome advice!!

It depends. A light workout can go a long way to warm up sore muscles and get things moving.

This place is awesome!

Thanks for your perspective. Before this is done, I'll have a great, round ocean of advice!!

I think it depends on what type of exercise program you are doing. I believe in exercising every day. With only one day off. Maybe one day you really workout hard, the next day could be an easy workout. I think you make working out more of a habit if you do it daily. It comes a part of your day---even something to look forward to.

Thank you, Michelle!

Sticking with it is important...

well me i work out everyday
That sounds like a goal worth working toward...
Thanks for starting this discussion. I'm just re-starting an exercise routine and its good to get some opinions and reminders about how to make it work. I'm especially grateful for the "it takes 21 days to form a new habit" post. I'm not sure if that claim is supported by evidence, but it sounds like I can test it out by working out for over 21 days.
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