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Exercise of the Week: Jump Rope

Posted Oct 07 2008 7:18pm

  • Start with the jump rope in each hand.
  • Continue jumping up and down as you bring the jump rope under your feet.
  • Continue for the prescribed number of jumps or time.
  • Jump off the ground and start swinging the jump rope under your feet.
  • Focus on jumping quickly and landing softly on the balls of you feet.
  • Turn jump rope by circling wrist and not turn entire arm.
  • Maintain controlled breathing throughout the movement
  • Start will slow movements then progress speed as your abilities increase.
This total body exercise will develop your aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. You will feel it in the muscles of your shoulders, upper back, and upper or lower legs. This is a great portable exercise that you can pretty much do anywhere you have enough space.

Be Well.

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