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Exercise of the Week! Dumbbell Leg Curls

Posted Nov 19 2011 9:32pm Dumbbell leg curls ~   The leg curl is an isolation exercise that targets the hamstring muscles. Secondary muscle groups include the gluteal muscles as well as the calves.

This is a great exercise to build and strengthen the hamstrings muscles. The important thing to remember about the leg curl is to ensure that you contract on the top part of the movement and go down nice and slow.

The technique is the same as leg curls with a machine with a few variations. One you are using a dumbbell not a machine. In my opinion it's far better to use free weights verses a machine if possible. Machines are great and do serve a purpose in weight training, but if you have a choice try free weights a much better choice.
Position for the leg curl
1. Lying face down on flat or incline bench (as shown in picture), hook your heels  and grab hold of the dumbbell firmly. I always do without my shoes, but try with or without to find whats best for you.
Execution of the leg curl
1. In unison, curl your legs upwards until you cannot go any further. Dumbbell should come close to hitting you butt.  Hold for a second and slowly extend your legs back out. Do not bounce the weight at the bottom. Hold dumbbell tight between your feet and repeat until set is complete. 

Note: Either one of these dumbbells can be used.. Of course the plate style is easiest to hold with your feet. The hex dumbbells doesn't have as much area to hold on too, but I have used both and to me if there's a will there is always a way! So grab a hold of any dumbbell available with your feet and curl away!




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