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Exercise of the Week ✿ "Decline Dumbbell Bench Press"

Posted Feb 12 2012 2:25pm
decline dumbbell bench press The decline dumbbell bench press is considered a compound movement that primarily targets the chest (lower chest). Other secondary muscles involved are the front shoulders and triceps.

This exercise can be tricky to do for first timers so I suggest you start with light weight. Since your in a decline position, you'll find you have less control of the weight as compared to the bench press. Also, you may want to get used to getting the weight in place before moving on to heavier weight, as this can be tricky.

I always rest the weight (dumbbells) on my knees at the top of the movement as you get into position and bringing them to your chest as you get into position. As you get stronger, your going to need to use spotters to pass you the weight. 

My Personal Trick  if you don't have spotter when you get into heavier weight... I use a flat bench and pull in close to the decline bench.. I then place one of the dumbbells on it as I get in place on the decline bench with the other dumbbell on my one knee. I then reach over and grab the second dumbbell sitting on the flat bench next to me. You need to be careful and grab it correctly so you don't strain or pull your shoulder picking it up. You place the second dumbbell on your other knee and your set to lower back to do your set. Takes a lot of core strength when lowering the heavy dumbbells down to start your set. 
Now the last trick is when you've completed your set and have No spotter. You just let go of one dumbbell to the side. Use your strong side and drop dumbbell to that side. Safely again without straining your shoulder. Then your able to raise up with just the one dumbbell using your stomach like doing a decline situp w/weight. You may think it would be easier to just drop both dumbbells? It can be dangerous in that position and you risk tearing or straining your shoulders doing both at the same time. So just drop one dumbbell and do it controlled to prevent any injury. It might sound complicated but once you master it, it is quiet easy to do and it will not prevent you from lifting heavy if you have no spotter available. Just be careful and stay controlled when grabbing and dropping the one dumbbell.Decline dumbbell bench is another favorite of mine and an exercise that is a great mass builder to build a full complete chest. My brother had me doing these from day one of my weightlifting career and I have always loved them and the complete power I feel when doing this great chest exercise. 
Position for the decline dumbbell bench press 1. Grab a pair of dumbbells and position yourself on the decline bench (This will take some practice so start light). While on the decline bench, grasp two dumbbells in an overhand grip. 2. Rest the dumbbells in an upright position on the edge of your knees. 3. Carefully lie on the flat bench, bringing the dumbbells to the sides of your torso at chest level. Make sure to bring the dumbbells up simultaneously. Feet should be planted firmly on the floor. 4. Slowly adjust the dumbbells with your arms fully extended at right angles to the floor. Press the weight up to the locked position. The dumbbells should be held directly over your chest area, slightly touching each other with palms facing forward. Execution of the decline dumbbell bench press
1. Slowly bend you arms and lower both dumbbells in a slow, controlled to your chest. The dumbbells should be at the sides of your chest.
2. Slowly press the weight back up from the sides of your chest to the starting position. Do not bounce the weight from the chest. Keep your elbows out and away from the trunk of your body.

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