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Exercise of the Week✿ "Close-grip Bench Press

Posted Jun 02 2012 5:00am
Close-grip Bench Press
The close grip bench press
If your looking to build well shaped and muscular triceps, you might want to thing about adding close grip bench press' to your regiment. This exercise is a pure triceps mass builder and will help add slabs of beef to the lower part of your arms.

This movement is considered a compound movement using triceps as the primary mover while the front shoulders and chest act as secondary muscle groups.

To get the most from this exercise, keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, dig your shoulder blades into the back of the bench, puff you chest out, and keep your head and butt on the bench. Remember, don't bounce the weight off your chest.

This was one of the first exercises I got used to when I first started weight training. I have lots of favorite exercises and this is another one of them. At that time I didn't know how important they are and how much muscle mass they built. It could be one of the reasons that the triceps became my favorite and most developed upper body part. My brother and trainer would have me do regular bench press with Olympic straight bar just as I would do regular bench press, yet he would have me do a real close-grip and pack heavy weight on it for me. He would also have me do them directly after "Skull Crusher" as a finish pump to my triceps. Sometimes I would get into them so much I would just keep pushing past 10-12 reps until I my triceps blew up and I couldn't push no more... To failure! Love that feeling.

Position for the close grip bench press
1. Lie face up on a flat bench. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and keep your back flat against the bench. 2. Grasp a bar with a narrow grip so that your hands are about 2" to 3" (5 to 9 cm) apart. 3. Arms should be fully extended and palms should be facing forward. Execution of the close grip bench press
1. Keeping your elbows close to your body, slowly lower the weight slowly to your chest. Lightly touch your chest and push upward. Do not bounce the weight. Repeat 3-4 sets.
Press play to view an instructional video on how to properly perform the close grip bench press.

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