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Exercise of the Day – Dip with Leg Raise

Posted Jan 11 2010 1:52pm

The Dip with Leg Raise exercise is a basic, but very effective Triceps exercise.

The triceps muscles are the muscles on the back of the arms, and they combine with the bicep muscles and the shoulder muscles to create the cut, lean, sexy look that is appealing on both men and women.

For women specifically, the area on the back of the arm tends to become a body fat storage area as they get older, which leads many women to start realizing the benefit of resistance training, rather than just doing cardiovascular training all the time.

How to do a Dip with Leg Raise

The proper way to do a dip with leg raise is to keep both legs as straight as possible, and to keep the raised leg as high as possible. The straighter and higher the legs, the more difficult the exercise is, and the more you will get out of it.

Keep your back as close as possible to the chair or whatever you have your hand ons, and drop down as far as you can without putting undo strain on your shoulders. A rapid pace is okay in this exercise as long as you aren’t bouncing up and down rather than going through the full range of motion.

Done properly, the simple to execute dip with leg raise exercise will blast your triceps into great shape while still remaining a simple body weight exercise that can be done anytime, anywhere.

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