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Exercise Makes You Smart!

Posted by Lela D.

Oh thank goodness because all those reps had me wondering if it was all really worth it. Newsweek is reporting that physical activity actually boosts brain power. Charles Hillman, of the University of Illinois, has been studying the phenomenon at his neuroscience and kinesiology lab. He studied 259 elementary school kids, comparing their BMI (Body Mass Index) with scores on PE tests and standardized state tests. The most fit kids scored best on the academic tests as well. Turns out that vigorous exercise causes old nerve cells to mesh together in new ways that make the brain run faster and better. Not only that, exercise may even help fight off Alzheimer's and ADHD. All that blood pumping through your muscles is bringing oxygen to your brain too. Just goes to show (mind, body, spirit) there's no separation. So do it for the beach, do it for your health, and do it to tackle the New York Times crossword!
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I'm so glad to hear that. So many people stuff themselves with supplements trying to improve brain function when they just need to take a walk.
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