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Exercise Is Not The Solution to Long-Term Fat Loss

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:26pm

Christopher's Commentary:

Based on the literature (much of which I wish I'd been exposed to long ago), there's never been conclusive evidence that exercise (whether it's moderate or high-intensity) is responsible for long-term weight loss. Want proof? Consider all the people you've known, heard of or read about that transformed their body -- and maintained that transformation -- through exercise alone.

Exercise (read: strength training and/or cardiovascular training) does not exist for the function of fat loss.

You want to develop body awareness, strength, power, endurance. . . overall performance capacity? You find training to be enjoyable? Exercise is a great choice to get the job done.

You want to burn body fat? It comes down to genetics, stress management, quality sleep and quality nutrition.

A good exercise program can enhance the effects of a healthy lifestyle, but it is only one variable in the equation for fat loss and health. Exercise because you love it. Exercise to improve performance. But don't rely on exercise for long-term fat loss because that's just not it's primary purpose.

The Myth of Moderate Exercise


(July 28, 2008) -- Obesity experts agree that daily exercise is essential for good health, but whether it can successfully lead to long-term weight loss is a question of much debate. What has become increasingly clear, however, is that the conventionally accepted advice — 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity most days of the week — is probably insufficient to spur any real change in a person's body weight. A study published July 28 in the Archives of Internal Medicine adds to the burgeoning scientific consensus: when it comes to exercise for weight loss, more is better. It suggests that obese people would have to exercise at least an hour at a time to see any significant difference in their weight. ( More. . . )

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