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Exercise-induced allergy attack?

Posted by JARO

I’ve been trying to improve my health and fitness following the birth of my daughter (who will be 3 y/o on 3/1/11), a pregnancy in which I gained upwards of 100 pounds.  I’ve made some decent progress with weight-loss and, all things considered, my overall fitness level -- essentially by controlling what I eat (portions AND avoidance) and moderate exercise (usually a walk/jog a few times a week) -- but I’m still have about 15 pounds to go, to reach my pre-pregnancy weight.  The problem is over the past several months, EVERY TIME I go for a walk/jog (about 45 minutes of outdoor cardio), my workout is immediately followed by nasal irritation, sneezing and extremely runny nose (essentially, classic rhinorrhea).    The running nose is non-stop, to the extent I have to tear tissue apart and cram small sections into the entrance of my nostrils, the symptoms usually last for a few days to a week or so –  and traditional antihistamines (Benadryl, Allegra) do nothing to help reduce these symptoms.  This is truly not an exaggeration - this happens without fail every time I try my 'walk/run'.  The same reaction has occurred EACH and EVERY time I have tried a walk/run in the past 5 or so months (it happened each time I tried this summer, which my husband blamed on season allergies – but which didn’t bother me at all, on days I didn’t participate in this sort of exercise).  We live in Michigan, so now that it is November, that argument has lost any credibility it might have had (all of the seasonal allergies I am aware of have packed it in for the winter).  I have had bouts of ‘hay fever’ in the past, but those incidents have been fewer and further between as I age – and to my knowledge, I have not experienced allergic reactions to other environmental triggers.  I joke that I am allergic to sweat but, the truth is, this is getting really annoying and putting a major wrench in my exercise plan.  My husband is the stay-home parent (which we both want for our daughter and the bad economy/job market necessitates) but, unfortunately, that situation leaves us strapped with no cash for the non-essentials -- and certainly nothing for life’s ‘extras’ (such as health-club memberships) – so I depend on what I can do at/around home, for “free”.  Could the physiology of a cardio workout such as a walk/run unfailingly trigger an allergic reaction to something, or otherwise consistently cause rhinorrhea, or somehow activate a cold bug that would otherwise lie dormant in my system?  If you have any suggestions, I would be most appreciative. 

Thank you – Jill

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This happens to me too! Just like you said! I like to say that I am allergic to the treadmill. LOL It is very annoying as I to am trying to lose my baby weight too. I am out for a week or so with the allergies flaring up from running. I'd really like to know the answer to this question. Please help us!
Oh and just to clairfy, I have had this problem for years way before I ever got pregnant.
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