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Exercise Equipment: Is It Necessary For A Good Workout

Posted Jan 18 2010 5:37am
The frenzy for exercise equipment is every increasing. Media channels are flooded with one spectacular exercise machine after another, each designed to target a new appendage or muscle that has yet to be reached. Some would lead even me to believe exercising is fun; others confirm one’s belief that it’s pure torture. Whatever you may think it is everybody’s doing it!

It seems to me it would behoove the men especially to heed a word of caution: with all those additional Abs and increased muscles being hyped, where are you going to put ‘em? You’ve only got so much arm, leg or stomach, what then? As for you ladies, will you really slim down or bulge up? Where do the muscles hide? Please be careful.

Not only the commercialism on TV but there are gyms all over the place that are packed with exercise machines and rows and rows of treadmills with sweaty bodies striving and agonizing to get through their 45 minute exercise program. In fact that is why all these people are agonizing at the gym-they have a plethora of machines..wall to wall exercise machines.

My naturally cynical thinking machine is now cranked up: Is all this exercise equipment precisely what it takes to get trim, fit, slim yet muscular? If it is, where do all these trim, fit, slim bodies disappear upon leaving the gym? Out on the sidewalk, it’s all hefty, hearty and happy.

So the question still remains: do we really need all these machines? The professional trainers have nailed the answer: It is not a need, it’s a convenience or comfort aspect of exercise. Stretching, bending, crunching is easier to do with the help of the machine at home. It’s more comfortable and it still does the job, even as you exercise in front of the TV, watching the newest infomercial hyping the next great machine coming up.

I have heard some people put a negative slant on home machines because they think it isolates you from social interaction. My answer to this is that when I work out I want to concentrate on my workout and not socializing. If I want to socialize I will go to church or join a country club-but when I am ready to have an intense workout I don’t want any distractions.

I finally realized that it takes more time than one thanks to exercise at a gym, therefore I choose to exercise at home. Yes, exercise equipment is expensive, but I’m willing to cut back elsewhere and buy the machines that will serve my purpose. I like what they do for my body and for my well-being. It’s really a matter of individual preference.

Whichever you prefer, the home or the gym, professional trainers encourage you to consult a professional to plan your program, or to research and map out your own plan for the safest and most effective results. Usually the instructions with your exercise equipment have a suggested plan of action. So all you “hefty, hearty and happies” start pumpin’, stretchin’, pedalin’, and crunchin’ and join ranks with the trim, fit and slim.

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