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Exercise Bands & MizFit Food of the Month Club. (A marriage made in randominternetheaven.)

Posted Jan 22 2009 4:42pm

It goes without saying that I am SO excited about today being the first installment of MizFit’s Food of the Month Club.

Im honored that Dave made time for us and *know* you’ll (re)bestow upon him a warm Bumbling Band welcome.

But first, speaking of BAND, I had to do a fast viewer mail (I know…I know…).

My in-box has been jammed lately & a number of you have asked the same question: do exercise bands work? are they a replacement for the gym? and, my favorite email, there is no stinking way I am joining a gym, MizFit, so dont try and talk me into it just tell me if the bands would work!

(ahh, brutal honesty. I HEART ye.)

Today? The short version so we can get to the fun stuff of Dave’s video.

Next week? you tell me. want more? need more? desire a video? please to hit me up in the comments.

I am a big fan of the exercise band. I started my journey to weight training using exercise bands in aerobics classes and have purchased countless exercise band ’sets’ for friends & family who want to workout at home/travel frequently.

Is training with bands exclusively as ‘good’ as weight training with dumbbells or machines? It depends on your goal.

The majority of the missives I received were from people just starting weight bearing exercise of *any* sort and, for that population, I think the bands work just as well as light weight dumbbells.

They are versatile (the exercise bands do not require gravity to provide resistance) & can be used horizontally *and* vertically.

You can tote them along with you *anywhere* (to the office? on a business trip? to the playground?).

Exercise bands are restrictive in a good way.

Have you seen the weight lifter (it would NEVER be me. never. that’s all a rumor) who appears to be swinging more than lifting the weights? This cant be done using exercise bands—-and, again, that’s a good thing.

In my opinion there’s also far less chance for injury when novice resistance trainers choose bands over free weights or machines (which is why I chose to start there, too).

That’s the brief version (pats self on back for not rambling as she is wont to do).

Exercise bands can, in most instances, provide the same benefits as weight training with dumbbells or machines. You will increase your muscle strength, muscle tone, & muscle size while decreasing your percentage of body fat and have a portable, injury-free, versatile workout as well.

Now, before DAVE, you.

Need more? want examples of exercises you mightcould do with your bands? you know what to do…

Please now to enjoy the informative, comedic stylings of Dave Grotto & MizFit’s Food of the Month:

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