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Exercise and Weight Gain During And After Pregnancy

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:34pm 2 Comments

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

The amount of weight a woman should gain during her pregnancy depends on her weight prior to becoming pregnant. Excess weight gain and failure to lose this weight six months postpartum are predictors of long-term obesity.

Weight Gain Norms during Pregnancy

Normal weight prior to pregnancy: 25-32 lbs.

Overweight prior to pregnancy: 15 lbs.

Underweight prior to pregnancy: 40 lbs.

Exercise Risks For Pregnant Women

Physician approval for exercise is always required for pregnant women. Risks for the mother include hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), fatigue, and muscoskeletal injuries. The baby is at risk for hyperthermia (overheating) and decreased uterine blood flow. The mother should stop exercising before fatigue sets in and follow the recommended guidelines for exercise mode, frequency, intensity, and duration. Should any of the following warning signs occur, exercise should be discontinued and the mother should consult her physician.

Exercise Warning Signs during Pregnancy

Vaginal Bleeding

Muscle Weakness

Shortness of breath prior to exercise

Calf pain or swelling


Preterm Labor


Decreased Fetal Movement

Chest Pain

Amniotic Fluid Leakage

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I'm wondering, I am 19 weeks and finally feel better to walk, I have a stressful job and this is helping, this is more of a question. I am starting to feel the baby and little kicks, however I started to notice that movement has decreased.  I still feel him/her, but not as  much.  I feel great while walking and don't over exert myself.

Should I be concerned? 

Go see your doctor and tell him or her what you just wrote to me.  Pregnant women can usually exercise unless their is some problem with the pregnancy...get your doctor's release....

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