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Excuses aren’t welcome when it comes to quitting smoking!

Posted Nov 14 2008 8:42pm

Just listen to anybody who smokes and quite regularly you’ll hear things like “I’m going to try and quit smoking, just as soon as I (fill in the blank)”. Perhaps you’ve heard them say these things a number of times and now you just don’t listen. Know what I mean?

In order to quit the first thing you need to do is to write down exactly what the goal is you are after and come up with all the reasons why you want it. Once you’ve done this also make a note of all the excuses why you can’t achieve your goal.

Why have you been telling yourself these lies? For that’s exactly what they are. Repititious lies that you’ve been leading yourself to believe over the years. And whether you like it or not, tell yourself these lies long enough and pretty soon that’s all you’re going to believe. Better to write your goals AND excuses down and analyze them for what they really are.

I’ve listed some of the more common excuses here, but ultimately it is your responsiblity to list EVERY reason you think keeps you smoking.

“I’m afraid that I’ll gain weight if I quit smoking.”

The blunt answer to this one is ‘who cares!’ Studies have shown that you are better off to be 70+ pounds overweight than to smoke when it comes to your health, but that’s not a goal you are looking to attain either. The truth is that yes, some people do gain weight after quitting, but this is usually less than twenty pounds and if that frightens you, then this problem can be easily remedied by careful and detailed planning before you quit. Get it through your mind that you are not going to substitute food for cigarettes and if you do, it is healthy foods like celery, carrots and fruit, not candy bars, chips and other ‘comfort food’.

“Smoking is too enjoyable to quit.”

If that were truly so, then chances are you wouldn’t be sitting there now gathering information on quitting, would you? Don’t worry. I’m not picking on you. I used to say the very same thing. Making statements such as this creates one major issue. And that is the fact that the more times you say it, the more you become to believe it. I’ve said it before. So time to come clean and be honest with yourself, is smoking really that enjoyable or is it just a fallacy you’ve convinced yourself to be true? What is it that you think smoking gives you? More money, better health and cleaner, fresher breath? Looking at it from that angle and writing down the answers will show you that you really don’t enjoy smoking that much at all.

Now don’t take those statements as viscious or cruel. In no way are they meant to be that way. What they are meant to be is a wake up call - and one that I needed as well. If, as smokers, we keep making excuses as to why we continue the habit, the outcome is that we will remain addicted to the nicotine. And the sooner we realize this reality, the easier quitting will be.

You have what it takes to beat those lies, once and for all. Do the various quit smoking pills work? - read some independent reviews of zyban, chantix, hypnosis etc. Also, click here to discover the stop smoking method Darren himself used.

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