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Excessive Sweating: Are You Affected By It?

Posted Jul 31 2011 3:23pm

Precisely why do people sweat? Well, to begin with sweating is usual as everyone has sweat glands that discharge a salty liquid and it really is important to sweat as it helps keep the body cool, it’s kind of like a thermostat. While the human body has more than a million sweat glands, the amount of sweat does differ from individual to individual depending the number of sweat glands present in the body.

It’s a common belief that males have more sweat glands than females and therefore sweat more frequently and much more. But actually it’s exactly the opposite. Females have more sweat glands, but the sweat glands of males are more productive. When people are hot or excited, nervous and anxious usually they start to sweat. Though sweating is as natural as breathing, sometimes it needs a little special attention as can come with a fever, shortness of breath and so on and because of this could need medical assistance.

or hot flushes could indicate menopausal or perhaps hyperthyroidism symptoms . If you are experiencing , it’s important to drink lots of water during the day, so that you can keep yourself hydrated and replenish the fluids you’re losing from sweating. Some reasons for could be anything from the list given below. Go through the list to see if any of the symptoms relate to your sweating problem.

Possible Causes of :

  • caffeine intake
  • alcohol consumption or withdrawal
  • anxiety
  • infection, fever
  • low blood sugar
  • overactive thyroids (hyperthyroidism)
  • menopause

Generally speaking it’s not a condition that can’t be improved with the right treatment. The most widespread causes of are those mentioned above. Although this condition isn’t generally complicated and normally indicates sweat glands that are working overtime, it can be severe enough to consult a doctor to identify the real problem behind the problem. It’s a really good idea to educate yourself on the causes behind it and techniques to deal with It safely.

There are many methods to take control of , some are risky like surgery and drugs. Before considering this kind of drastic action, think about products and treatments. Click on the box below to find out more about safe and natural ways to treat .

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