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Excess Body Hair? How To Get Rid of It

Posted Dec 04 2008 10:01am

More often than not, excess body hair can be rather ugly. Too much unsightly body hair can have a considerable affect on the way we behave and our self-esteem. We can try dealing with it by using different traditional solutions like shaving, waxing, and even electrolysis treatments, which can be quite costly as well as time-consuming. In the case of electrolysis and waxing, it can be quite painful as well. A better, safer choice has definitely become more important to find.

Ultra Hair Away is one of those products that claims to be competent in successfully terminating the growth of all kinds of excess body hair, a procedure made possible via its special enzyme technology. These claims may appear to be quite difficult to achieve, so questions have naturally been raised, and among these is how the product works.

The product works as a hair inhibitor, competently controlling the growth of all unwanted hair. Our body actually has its own inhibitor system that effectively manages hair growth and this particular function is what this product imitates, doing it in a more effective manner.

Additionally, the product works for both males and females, regardless of the type of hair and can target different areas of the body, including the back, the chest, the shoulders, the forearms, legs, upper lip and even the bikini line.

How is it possible that this hair inhibitor works?

A natural misconception is that once the product is applied, it will cause the unwanted hair to eventually fall away and stop growing. Actually, that is not the proper way to use this product. The initial recommendation is to take away the undesired hair directly by its roots using any of various methods like using tweezers, sugaring, waxing or electrolysis. When that’s done, the product should be applied evenly on the area, allowing it to be absorbed by the skin.

Since it is generally used as an accompaniment to the more common hair removal techniques, some people classify Ultra Hair Away as a depilatory or a cosmetic, which it is not. It is more fittingly called an inhibitor because after its initial use, it will effectively prevent the future growth of all unwanted hair, which should bit by bit phase out the usability of most hair removal techniques.

Another popular concern is regarding the length of time necessary before the products effects can be seen. The average waiting time is at least four weeks or about one month, but this will actually depend on the hair type that the user has. The thick course variety usually needs a longer time, while the fine hair types should be gone in a much shorter period.

Most people are impatient to see results, but it’s important to understand that Ultra Hair Away also works on dormant hairs, and it needs to wait for these hairs to grow first before it can suppress them. Approximately one third of all unwanted hair falls under the dormant hair category.

As soon as the affected hair stops growing, use of the product can be stopped almost at once. The general recommendation, however, is to still use Ultra Hair Away sometimes in order to create a “spotless” impression of the cleaned part of the body.

About, one bottle should last for about a week when used on the entire body. The product should last longer when applied on smaller areas. For example, applying the product on the face, including the upper lip, should involve a seven to eight-week duration. For the back area, the chest section, and both pair of legs, a three-week duration should prove ideal.

Mainly because treatment will involve sensitive portions of the body, inquiries have also been raised regarding the ingredients contained in this product. Each bottle contains all-natural ingredients, with the active ones known to be extracts from various plant enzymes, more popularly called Phyto-Enzymatic Proteins or PEP.

In addition, several safety issues have also been raised like the possibility of this product clogging the pores of the skin when perspiring. The product offers no such dangers, thus making it generally safe to use. Furthermore, skin irritation is not likely because of the all-natural ingredients, which is also true for eye irritation, although if the product does accidentally get into the eyes this can be easily removed by gently washing the eyes with clean, warm water.

Concerns about skin dryness are likewise unsupported since the product carries a moisturizing property, competently keeping the skin fresh, moisturized and smooth. Even those having acne problems have reportedly benefited a lot from using this product.

There have also been numerous accounts citing Ultra Hair Away as an capable treatment for razor burns and protection against the growth of ingrown hairs. These stories are for the most part unproven, although the claims have been made by real and actual product users.

Another look-alike brand, UHA Sport, reportedly claims to offer the same benefits for interested users where a number of people have asked if the two products are one and the same. Ultra Hair Away makes it very clear that UHA Sport is a plain imitation, an impostor that passes itself off as the genuine product. Only Ultra Hair Away is capable of delivering the expected results and all other brands are simply copycats. Interested buyers are therefore advised to negotiate only with credible and authorized dealers.

Lastly, for individuals seriously thinking of purchasing Ultra Hair Away but are still unsure about its effectiveness, there is a current refund promotion where buyers can try one bottle for two full months. If during this particular time period, they are not satisfied with the product, they can return the Ultra Hair Away bottle, with its contents and receive a full refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling charges. Additionally, a special savings promo is also being held where buyers can opt to purchase multiple containers over which the same refund policies apply. This particular promotion provides ample proof that Ultra Hair Away is a really credible and effective product on the whole unsurpassed in its field.

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