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Excellent Strength Training With Resistance Bands

Posted Jan 14 2012 5:42am

If you have been weight training for a while using hand weights, you probably experience some occasions when you feel like hurling them out of your window. Weight training can get tedious and maybe it is time to consider a new tactic. One excellent option you can look at is utilizing resistance bands.

How Resistance Bands Do The Job

Resistance all through the entire exercise movement is essential in and resistance bands can easily produce this. You don't get this kind of uninterrupted resistance using typical free weights. For instance, during the lifting phase of a bicep curl, gravity operates to supply your bicep with resistance, together with the weight. During the lowering part of the movement, you reduce a part of that tension and quite often merely drop the weight. When utilizing resistance bands, you still use tension and resistance even over the lowering phase.

You will not only be able to really challenge the muscles with resistance bands; furthermore, you can use a mixture of various exercise routines using this single fantastic fitness equipment. It truly is light and fits right into your luggage or gym bag, and also comes in handy when you are traveling or if the fitness center is packed with lots of sweaty bodies.

Why You Should Try Resistance Bands

They're quite compact. You can easily pack them in your suitcase for travel and do exercises in a vehicle or in your hotel room.

Exercise bands increase total coordination. When working with them, you need to stabilize your body considering that there's tension all throughout. This assists with coordination, equilibrium and it also helps you focus on more muscle groups.

They provide some spice to dull . With weights, you're often constrained as to how many exercises that can be done. But the resistance band enables you to change your positioning in multiple ways. This adjusts how your body works and how an exercise feels.

They're inexpensive. You can acquire individual resistance bands for a little over $5 or purchase a complete band kit for only under $30! This is the good thing about resistance bands for those that wouldn't like to invest a lot of cash on exercise equipment and gadgets.

Exercise bands help you do a wide range of exercises including bicep curls, chest and overhead presses, along with lateral and leg raises. You may also wrap it round your ankles and get some fantastic leg, thigh and rear end work.

Resistance bands are great for all fitness levels. Depending on how they are being used, bands are generally ideal for newcomers and also more experienced fitness buffs. There are plenty of ways to get stimulating exercise routines with resistance bands, so we recommend you explore now.

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