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I'm not a big gym person because I like doing exercise that doesn't feel like exercise, like hiking, biking and dancing. But I am always amused by the crazy new exercise classes many gyms create to get people coming in. Crunch, a New York City-based chain, is big on this, offering classes like the Ex-factor -- "Looking good is the best revenge, so take out your post-relationship aggression in this intense boxing/kickboxing class. Bring a picture of your ex to post on a free standing punching bag and grab a pair of boxing gloves because it's time to get even"; Psychic Postures -- "Tune into the supernatural stylings of our in-house physic in this hatha-based yoga class. You?ll get in touch with your future as our clairvoyant gently guides you through postures and poses while providing daily astrological predictions and answers to questions submitted prior to class"; and Stiletto Strength -- "B.Y.O.H. - Bring Your Own Heels and strut your stuff runway style in this calf-boosting, posture-building, cat-walking diva class." Do you think gyms need to be this creative, or are people motivated on their own to keep working out at their favorite gym? just curious ...
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