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Posted Sep 22 2010 11:45am
This Month’s FitPoint asks,
Everyone envies someone else. People say they don’t, but they do. It’s just human nature to want what you don’t have or have yet to obtain. Who do you envy in the fitness world? Is it a friend, your trainer, a bodybuilder, or a fitness model? There has to be someone. Share you envy and let it out. It may even help you feel better and learn to deal with this or even overcome that green feeling.

This is a topic I don’t necessarily agree with, for the  reasoning that I find jealousy to be a waste of time and emotion better spent on other things. One friend, while discussing this topic, emulated my thoughts perfectly, when he said “Jealousy is a combination of inspiration, and laziness.”  That does not mean that there are not people I wish I could be more like (no redundancy, they are the same people who are listed as my inspirations ), but I do not feel negatively towards them as a result. Instead, I am inspired; pushed to work that much harder because I know I can get there, if I can give the same level of dedication. These people work hard, and have earned what they have. I can’t envy that, without being detrimental to my goals, and belittling what they have achieved.

So, in lieu of a list on who I envy, I am going to write about how to overcome envy, or use those you are jealous of to help further your own goals.

1. Evaluation: Evaluate the source of your jealousy: Is it something that the person possesses, or is it how they look? Then, evaluate the effort expended to achieve that goal: Is their attribute a result of long time dedication, or is it even real? (if you are jealous of the airbrushed women in magazines, take into account that what you desire of them may not even be truthfully portrayed.) Conclusively, evaluate your own amount of effort into this area of your life. Could you live up to what they do? Can you eat like them or work out on a regimen like they do? (The answer is yes. You can get there.)

2. Focus on yourself: Envy is often the result of a sense of personal lacking or self consciousness; two things I think the world could do without. Instead of mulling in such negative energy, focus on the positive in yourself. Answer the question, ‘whats really bothering you?’ What is it about your condition that dissatisfies you? It is important that when we have personal issues, we confront them head on, for the sake of our emotional wellbeing as much as our physical. So if you find yourself feeling green, stop and consider what it is about your own life you are unhappy with.

3. Get Inspired! Stop grumbling and start living by example of those you are jealous of. Use the impact they have in your life in a positive way to promote the qualities you aspire to!


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