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Enhance Your Profile With a Double Chin Liposuction

Posted Apr 05 2009 11:01pm
Double chins can be quite a bother to some people. The usual culprits are too much eating as well as age. It can be a cause of low esteem in most people, that is a lot of people are considering getting a double chin liposuction. This is also because that chin fat is hard to remove.

How do you know if you are qualified to undergo double chin liposuction? Though it is not as restrictive in age like other surgical procedure, usually, younger people as well as females are better candidates for the procedure. This is because that they have more elastic skin. Women also have thinner skin than their male counterparts, so the procedure is fine with them. People who have diabetes, heart ailments, lung problems as well as serious depression are not recommended to have double chin liposuction.

Although this might be the case, the doctor should be the best judge if one is fit enough to under double chin liposuction. They have the necessary knowledge as well as the experience to determine if one can undergo such an operation.

Of course, the surgeon can always misdiagnose your condition or fail to inform you of the possible results. One may end up with excess sagging chin skin that might be more unsightly than the original. This might require a neck or face lift, a more serious medical procedures.

Possible complications, long recovery period as well as large scars are only some of the possible effects of double chin liposuction. So, it is advised that one should exhaustively consult the doctor of the risks and results involved, since more often than not, the results are less than perfect.

Today, surgeons use the tumescent technique instead of double chin liposuction. This causes less trauma to the tissues than earlier liposuction methods. Only local anesthetic is used, so recovery is very fast. The patient feels comfortable and can move up after almost immediately. One can return to work in as little as 2 or 3 days. Also, one is recommended to wear a chin garment during the recovery period so that the chin will be tightened.

Furthermore, you should carefully choose your surgeon. You should carefully examine the doctor’s background as well as his experience. This is especially true for online medical sites that offer this type of surgery.

Also, when you have chosen your doctor, be sure to ask him a lot of questions about the procedure as well as the side effects and risks involved. After all, this is your well-being that is at stake here. Ultimately, the decision will be up to you when you have known all the possible angles and risks involve in double chin liposuction.

About the Author: Victoria Rowde

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