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Embracefire's FAQ (Part 1: Fitness and Diet)

Posted May 17 2010 11:17pm

As of late, I’ve been asked a lot of the same questions, especially on social networking sites for both modeling and fitness. Copy-pasting the same answers a hundred times gets old, so here is a handy, and quite possibly sarcastic, frequently asked questions.

Q: How do you like P90X?
A: I absolutely love this program. Never before have I been so challenged in so many different areas of fitness, while being so motivated at the same time. The program is so versatile, it can be tailored to burn fat and get lean, or to build muscle and bulk up (or both) its also versatile enough to take traveling for the most part, which suits my nomadic lifestyle. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to make a change.

Q: How did you like Insanity?
A: This program is harder on my lungs and heart than it is on my muscles. Having said that, I made it through successfully, and was very happy with the fantastic results both in terms of performance and aesthetics. This is a beautiful cardio-driven workout, a powerhouse for burning calories and bringing the sweat, and is still integrated in my everyday workout routine.

Q: How did you like P90x+?
A: It was okay. Tony Horton always brings the best in fitness, and it certainly was a challenge as could be expected, but it did not compare to the original P90x, in my own opinion. I was far more motivated with the original, hence have returned to it. These videos will not be neglected however, its nice to have something to use when one craves a change.

Q: Who are your fitness inspirations?
A: Jamie Eason and Zuzanna of They’re both in incredible shape, yet retain all that is feminine and beautiful about the female body. I love their look!

Q: What motivates you?
A: Tony Horton motivates me, he’s got so much spastic energy like I do, and he channels it in a way that you can’t help but get fired up about! Seeing people in great shape motivates me, seeing how far I’ve come motivates me. But overall, my biggest motivation is inspiring others!

Q: What are your goals?
A: To build lean, sculpted muscle. I want to be able to feel strong, healthy, and energized all the time. And looking good in the process never hurt!

Q: Are you looking to Compete?
A: No. Bodybuilding competitions are neither my goal, nor my desired look.

Q: Would you help me create a fitness program for myself?
A: Sure, I can give you some advice, but please do take note that I am in no way a professional, and base my suggestions on my own experience and research. If you want a professional program, then you need to talk to a professional trainer.

Q: Are you planning on becoming a personal trainer?
A: No I am not. I do this for me, I do this as a hobby and an interest, but not as a career. I would love to be certified, but that can come later. As of now, I am a university student who is gearing towards a Doctorate.

Q: What do you eat?
A: What I want. Don’t get me wrong, I’m given this luxury because I LOVE to eat healthy. Grilled chicken and steamed vegetables are my choice meals, especially when there is something to give them a nice kick. I do my best to EAT CLEAN, but I allow myself a treat every now and then.

Q: What is your favourite food?
A: Anything spicy! I love spicy chicken, hot peppers, chili, tacos, curry, anything that is hot hot hot! I am the one you see eating hot peppers as if they were candy!
Q: Do you take supplements?
A: As of right now, I take protein shakes, and Acetyl-L-Carnitine. More research will be done into this in the future, so keep an eye out for an added list.
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