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Elliptical Machine Buyer’s Guide For Fitness Equipment

Posted Nov 04 2012 1:36am

Elliptical machine reviews are packed with details about the superb cardio the trainers provide. If you are gearing up for some thigh-toning aerobic conditioning, getting one of these fat-burning exercise partners is an excellent place to start. However, if you see one of these strange-looking gizmo’s and equate it with some kind of torture tool, you can’t be blamed! Exercise equipment in general, and elliptical machines in particular, are evolving so rapidly that it is almost impossible to keep up with all the latest innovations.

One major benefit is seen if you choose one of the elliptical cross trainers. Here movable upper body handlebars are added for a total body workout. Your chest, arms and shoulders are brought into play, enhancing your aerobic efforts. Now you will feel as if you are cross-country skiing, with the difference that the motion is so fluid and smooth that you won’t even realize how intense the workout is. Definitely not a torture tool!

Some 6 questions you should ask your sales person.

1. The type of drive. The drive system is a vital element, but it may be difficult for a novice to make a judgment as to its quality and durability. It will be worth your while to do some homework on the internet and check reliable review sites for suggestions. These guys usually know where the hiccups are and will point them out.

2. What is the maximum user weight? It is vital to check the maximum weight capacity of the trainer. There always is an upper limit and even this has to be taken with a pinch of salt. You don’t want to deal with not-so-good vibrations and balance issues, as well as eventual break downs due to overloading. If it gives the upper limit as 300 pounds and you weigh 300 pounds, rather opt for a 350 pound maximum user weight model to be on the safe side. Never use it if you are over the weight limit, as this may void the warranty.

3. What are the foot pedal features? This is one of the most important aspects as far as user comfort is concerned. A twenty or thirty minute workout can become really distasteful if you have to contend with numb toes and pain or discomfort in your feet and ankles. Oversized pedals are recommended. The pedals must be adjustable, to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes. Some brands, such as Sole elliptical machines, have come up with a more comfortable, slightly sloped pedal. They also made the angle adjustable, in addition to the pedals being articulating. Articulating pedals adapt to the cycle of your stride with a change in angle. This gives you the best of both worlds. This feature also adds to workout variety and can make your training more efficient if utilized correctly. By adjusting the angle up or down, you can target your glutes or hamstrings more effectively.

4. Is the ramp adjustable? If your elliptical trainer has an adjustable ramp, you will be able to add additional benefits to your workout. With a higher elevation, your back and legs will get a more intense workout, while a lower setting will focus the attention more on your upper body. A different ramp angle changes the elliptical path, bringing different muscle groups into play.

5. What does the feedback consist of? Apart from the programs, the feedback may include details about the calories you are burning while training, your heart rate, the number of strides, the time, the resistance level you are using, and the distance. Some trainers also come with a curb counter.

6. What is the source of power? A power source is usually needed for the control panel and resistance features. This can be electrical or battery power. Check this before making your decision and make sure that it is a cost-effective set-up.

You should never be in a hurry when shopping for an elliptical machine. By taking your sweet time and doing some careful testing, you may end up in a long-term training relationship that quite literally pays handsome dividends.

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