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EGN Prize Patrol

Posted Jul 03 2008 5:10pm

Today marks theFirst Ever Every Gym’s Nightmare Giveaway.

I recieved a great little goodie bag fromPowerBar, and thought I’d pass the greatness on to you.

PowerBarhas come up with a few new great products, perfect for endurance athletes and moderate exercisers, alike.

The gift includes:

A box of Lemon Flavored PowerBar Electrolyte Drink Mix (8 sticks)

A pack of Cola flavored PowerBar Gel Blasts Liquid Filled Energy Chews

1 BerryBlast Fruit Smoothie PowerBar Energize energy bar

1 Creamy Citrus Fruit Smoothie PowerBar Energize energy bar

1 Box of 1 Lemon Flavored PowerBar Electrolyte Drink Mix and 1 BerryFlavored PowerBar Electrolyte Drink Mix

To win this loot, you gotta earn it.

In honor of all thingspowerand the fact that Ilovedthe last post’s comments and thoughts you guys shared, I thought I would dedicate this giveaway to learning to love everything about our bodies: both the good and the bad.

we spend way too much time putting ourselves down, or comparing ourselves to others, or putting other people down out of jealousy/spite/competitiveness. Its time to stop that.

My challenge to you is share your “flaw” and how you already, or can from now on,celebrate it. What are you most self conscious about when it comes to your body, and how can you learn to love it?

Do you have big feet? well, atleast you can always find your shoes in stock.

Do you carry a little extra weight around your middle? Maybe its the perfect spot for you dog/cat/husband/child to lay their head while you watch tv.

Are your legs a little on the short side *ahem, my biggest insecurity, cough, cough* well, they’ve walked me into every great adventure, and away from every bad situation i have ever come across. and they don’t have to be miles long to keep me standing up tall.

Oh, and I also almost have a FIVEhead, but I still rock headbands. I have bangs, but they are usually too much work.

So celebrate what you are normally insecure about, and take yourpowerback.

Send me a picture, a poem, anything, and take thatpowerback. You are the only one that can control how you feel about yourself: don’t appologize or hide for not looking likehow you think everyone else wants you to look.

You are pefect. And you are the only you that you have. Why waste your time being ashamed of it?

I’ll announce the winner next Friday, July 11th. Every entry will get posted and recognized, so make sure you don’t mind having your submission up on the blog for everyone to see.

Email your to me at

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