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Eccentric Exercises To Relieve Tendon Pain

Posted Sep 18 2013 8:00am
Eccentric exercises (EE) may sound complicated, but you actually do them all the time without knowing it. Every time you lengthen a muscle while applying a load you are already into EE. For instance, when you lower your hips to squat or your arms when doing a bicep curls. Gym rats may be familiar on how emphasizing the eccentric part of an exercise makes stronger muscles—you can handle more weight when lowering the muscle than when shortening it (concentric). However, EE has also shown to decrease pain in those who struggle with a tendon injury. If you workout and/or practice sports, chances are you have dealt with the anxiety of an injury. Often, these injuries involve the tendons. Indeed, according to the article “Eccentric Training for Treatment of Tendinopathies” published in Current Sports Medicine Reports, more than 30% injuries related to physical activity have an element of pain within or around a tendon—tendinopathy. There are many factors that may increase your risk of tendon injuries, such as tight muscle, lack of strength, doing too much too soon, compromising exercise techniques, and/or certain medication. After being injured myself plenty of times—from ankle and hamstring sprains to runner’s knee to tennis elbow—the [...]
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